Saturday, 25 August 2012

Yummy yarn!

 Just one stall
.I have been to the Woolfest just outside Chester today.All the big names were there.Posh Yarn(my favourite),Fyberspates,Laughing Hen,NDS,The Knitting Goddess,Easy Knits and a few more.I was spoiled for choice.All this lovely yarn but what is good is that you can feel it and see the true colours which you can't do on the internet.
This is my haul.From left to right.Posh yarn 2ply Sylvia(merino and silk),Betsy sock yarn(wool,silk and cashmere),Easyknit Timeless Tweed Sock Yarn(merino and Donegal Nepp),Knitting Goddess Same Difference Sock yarn(two closely matched skeins) which I am going to knit into a Wingspan shawlette/scarf and finally Rooster Lace in burnt orange.
It was lovely talking to fellow knitters  and as I only live 20 minutes away I may go again tomorrow and grab some more yummy yarn!


  1. OH I so envy you - we don't have anything like WoolFest here in Kent and precious few yarn shops supplying special yarns like that.

    Have a fun time again tomorrow - don't forget to make us all green by showing us your purchases :)

  2. Sounds absolutely wonderful!

    Love the yarn you bought, especially the burnt orange - I just love autumn colours.


  3. Ooh! Nice yarn! It's easy to be tempted when you go to those shows .... Even when you have more yarn than the average yarn shop ......

  4. I went back on Sunday and bought more yarn!

  5. I am very jealous! I'd love to see Posh in the flesh so to speak. I didn't realise that she did shows. Nice haul!!

  6. Hi, me again! Your name was third drawn in my birthday blog giveaway - take a look at my blog and tell me if you'd like the yellow or the green yarn and email me your address to josiekitten at hotmail dot com, or pm me if you are on Ravelry! Thanks!

  7. Lovely haul! I didn't make it, or we could have said hello :)