Thursday, 4 October 2012

This and that!

 I am just showing you what I have finished this week.I had this yarn in a giveaway from Josie Kitten.It is a very bright yellow,not a colour I would normally choose but I love it.The pattern is Dane shawl.It is sock weight wool and is very quick to knit.It is going to brighten me up over winter.
 Another quick knit is this fun tea cosy, easily knitted up in one evening.I did it to go in my new kitchen.
Here it is -the new kitchen!!We are thrilled to bits with it.
Other news.My knee seems to have settled(famous last words).I don't even have an appointment to see the consultant for five weeks and then how long will I have to wait for surgery.I am very nervous where I go.I can never be far from the car and take my crutches everywhere.
Last night I felt brave and we went to our local film theatre.We are so lucky that five minutes from home we have a theatre which also has a film theatre which shows lots of foreign films.Last night we saw The Women on the Sixth Floor.It was brilliant.Very funny.A really feel good film.It cheered me up no end.Just what I need at the moment.



  1. I love the new shawl and tea cosy you have been knitting and look forward to seeing the next project on your needles!

    Your new kitchen looks lovely and bright - just the thing to made you feel better.

    Fingers crossed the knee holds out for a while yet, Sxx

  2. Love your kitchen and tea cosy. Hope your knee is better soon.

  3. Glad to see you have knitted another strawberry cosy - the one you sent me has pride of place in my kitchen adorning my teapot. Your new kitchen looks very nice and spacious. Love the shawl - I must admit yellow is a colour I wouldn't normally buy as it makes me look jaundiced but that is a very lovely colour and I think I would probably change my mind if I was given some of that yarn.

    Nice to hear from you again.

  4. Love the strawberry tea cosy and your new kitchen. I love cream kitchens with red accessories. Our newish one is also cream and I've made red gingham blinds and have quite a bit of red dotted around the place. Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's been interesting to see what people think. Fiona x

  5. That shawl looks gorgeous - spot of envy here, as I am trying to learn to lace knitting (only really started knitting this last 6 months or so) and would like to learn to run before I can walk!
    I love your strawberry tea cosy and it looks really good in your new kitchen. And my deepest deepest sympathies for your knee issues, I know how it feels and would not like to go through that again - good luck

  6. Your shawl is looking lovely - I love the colour too :)
    Your tea-cozy goes great with your kitchen - it is nice to get your kitchen done up isn't it.
    Sorry to hear about your knee issues - hope you get it all sorted soon. Take care!!!

  7. I love your shawl, the pattern looks perfect for a skein of fingering yarn. I hope it keeps you nice and snug! I love your teacosy too, so cheery.

  8. Loving your new kitchen and the tea cosy is fab!