Saturday, 20 October 2012

It is so sad.Ziggy's vet has been murdered.

Ziggy,our cat visited the vet a couple of weeks ago with a lump on his tail.The vet disappeared 8 days ago.She went home from work and was then seen on CCTV at a local supermarket.After that nothing.Her car has been found burnt out and a man from Gwynedd has been arrested on suspicion of murder.It is just so awful.We live in a small market town and just can't believe this has happened.


  1. I read this story in the papers. Being from Anglesey I couldn't believe it either. Tragedy strikes everywhere these days. My heart goes out to her family in Ireland.

  2. I saw this on TV the other day it is so awful. How sad. x

  3. How shocking - haven't seen that on our t.v. (in New Zealand). It always seems worse in a small town. We did have the shocking news of a young child that had gone missing in Wales recently.

    I still have cousins in Wrexham, Oswestry and Welshpool.

  4. How very tragic and my condolences go out to her family.


  5. I too saw this on the news last week. What an awful thing to happen, her family, friends and colleagues must be devastated.

  6. Isn't it awful. As you know, our small town is not so far from yours. The whole affair is beyond comprehension.

  7. I send condolences to the family who are surely feeling immense sadness. When we see tragic news reported nightly on the late news here in New York, it does not mean that individual families and friends are not suffering, and yet there's a numbness that sets in.

    When a tragedy happens to someone we know, it is a totally different reaction.

    If you are comfortable with posting more about this, please do.