Friday, 22 March 2013

6 inches of snow....

Six inches of snow and Ziggy still wanted to go out!!It is still snowing and it sounds as though there is a lot more on the way for us here in North Wales.We can't get out onto the road at the front as the snow plough has piled the snow a metre high by both gates.It is typical we had a new freezer delivered yesterday and so have no frozen food.All the schools are closed.We are due to be at the theatre tonight to see The Pitmen Painters.Doubt we wilHope the weather is better where you are.l be going!


  1. No snow at all in this part of Kent. I have been listening to the news about drifts and power cuts and abandoned cars, and it all seems so surreal.

    You get snowploughs in your area? Amazing. Haven't seen one of those for years.

  2. we have loads too in Yorkshire. where is spring?

    my cats wouldn't put a paw outside in this snow!

    Nikki x