Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter Everyone.

Happy Easter.Sorry there are no photos but I have left the camera at my daughter's.We were invited over for lunch.Mike's mum was staying so Ruby and Emily had two Grans and a Grandpa to play with.They did an Easter egg hunt and then we had a wonderful lunch.After lots of games etc we came home ,back to snowy Mold.The snow is going down but very,very slowly.C has managed to dig our other car out but the mounds of snow are huge.In the town centre they were loading lorries with snow and taking it away!!I am sure Spring is just around the corner and when it comes we will so appreciate it.


  1. Oh! I do hope the sun starts shining for you soon .
    Kindest regards Linda

  2. I agree - we still have mounds of snow - I just want some sunshine!

  3. So sorry about the car, that is always the way isn't it? Love all your colorful projects.