Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Show and tell.

 I thought it was about time I showed you what I have been up to yarnwise.This is a stole I started on March 15th.The pattern is Knitspot's Japanese Feather Stole.It is a lovely pattern to knit with a 28 row repeat but it is done on 5mm needles so grows quite quickly.The yarn I am using is 100% cashmere (Posh Yarn Josephine) and is soooo soft and gorgeous.It is a beautiful deep pink/cranberry colour which is not showing up too well.It is good that a simple pattern appears on the reverse side.I do love Knitspot patterns.This one is for me!
 This my latest blanket using up all my odds and ends.I have no idea what size it is going to be.I just keep going.
This is a bag I made a while ago.Very quick to make.It is Lucy from attic 24's pattern.

I wasn't going to mention the weather but our lawn stll hasn't reappeared.Bad news yesterday in that my car broke down and cost £200 to repair.


  1. Beautiful projects there! I love the stole. It's a pattern that I have had on my list to make for a while now. Hope the weather sorts itself out pretty soon, as we are on our way up to the cottage in Pickering on Friday for a week. Ros

  2. I love all of the projects you have here, well done you for getting them done so quickly.

    We have been incredibly lucky in Kent, as we have had no snow to speak of. Certainly no lying snow. It feels very surreal to see all of the chaos across the rest of the country.

  3. I love the stripy blanket and your cashmere is similar to some I have in a bag. I was going to use it for a scarf but your stole tells me that it can be used for something more beautiful. Just off to look at some patterns....

  4. some beautiful & very colourful projects on the go.

  5. Wowsers!! Your stole is beautiful, I'd love to see more photos of it please!

  6. How lovely is that stole?? Just gorgeous!you've done quitw a lot with what looks like a complicated pattern.

  7. That shawl looks lovely ... and what a glorious colour :D

  8. Not good when the car breaks down is it? It's something I always dread.
    \the shawl looks really delicate, 28 rows to the pattern is a lot, I admire you doing that, I've gone off knitting recently , no doubt I shall return to it sometime, I bob about doing alsorts.
    As for the tapestry, I've completelly gone off the Ehrman lot, they were so unhelpful. I've sent it back for a refund and we are going to look around in the shops.
    Like you I say, roll on the nice weather , we are quite fed up with the milky skies.

  9. Cars are a reall pain when they break down aren't they. We seem to be always having car trouble!!!
    I really like your shawl and that is such a beautiful colour.