Sunday, 21 April 2013

Assessing the damage.

 When we finally got rid of our 14 inches of snow after 3 weeks(.Yes, it took 3 weeks for it all to go!) we had to assess the damage the snow had done.The tree above is a weeping pear.A huge branch has broken and we are weeping!
 This is a lovely cotoneaster tree which we put in 18 years ago.It is always dripping with berries in the winter and a super source of food for the birds.The trouble is the branches go horizontally and it  just couldn't cope with the weight of the snow.We have tried to prop up where we can but now it is a waiting game to see what happens.We filled a builder's cube three times with debris and carted it off to the tip.
This is a bit of a new start.A sunny day yesterday got me planting seeds and buying bulbs.My sweet peas on the window sill are doing well.It's fingers crossed that everything else reappears.


  1. What a shame. We've had a lot of damage round here too. If the snow didn't get it, the recent winds did! We've never seen so many tree cutting firms around, busy tidying it all up!
    Kathy xxx

  2. It is so upsetting to see something you love damaged, what a shame.
    We are very fortuate here in the East we didn't have no where near as much snow as you. Spring has arrived here in the last few days and DH and I have enjoyed getting back out into the garden. Like you I have sweet peas growning plus my usual tomatoes and salad crops.. trouble is now I am of bus pass age ++ I can't garden day after day, I have to pace myself!!LOL Still it means I can get my knitting and cross stitching done. I love that stole in your previous post so going to look up the pattern.

  3. It is such a shame when trees are lost like this. We have had such bad weather this year and what the snow started the recent winds finished off. We have lost a few plants this year but no trees thank goodness. When we were out walking yesterday we saw so many damaged and fallen trees:)

  4. So sorry your beautiful trees have been injured. I hope they recover. Hugs,

  5. how sad...fingers crossed they that stole by the way, gorgeous colour

  6. Such a shame...I always feel sad when trees are damaged, especially very old ones.
    Btw, thank you for the yarn tip!
    Wishing you a happy sunny weekend.
    Helen x