Sunday, 15 September 2013

A few days in the Cotswolds(UK)

 We decided on a little trip to the Cotswolds as a bit of a distraction from Ziggy.We stayed in the Premier Inn between Evesham and Broadway.This is Broadway.So picturesque.
 Another view of Broadway.Unfortunately the weather wasn't brilliant,in fact very dull,so the photos aren't the best.
 Bourton on the Water.Another pretty little village.Can you believe they already had a Christmas shop!
 Bourton again.
 We always try and visit a NT property when we are on our jaunts.This is Chastleton House near Chipping Norton.It is a Jacobean country house built in the 1600s and remains virtually unchanged.The atmosphere inside was wonderful bit it was quite a hike from the car park.Even worse going back -uphill!
 We always try and do a garden or two as well.This is Hidcote, the fulfilment of an American's English fantasy.It is full of garden "rooms".I would like to have seen it earlier in the season.
Very close to Hidcote is Kiftsgate a privately owned garden,much smaller than Hidcote but well worth a visit.
We are still missing Ziggy and I expect it will take quite a while to get over it.


  1. It will take a while but sometimes getting away for a while can help. The house looks wonderful and I've always wanted to visit Hidcote but have never managed to get there. I remember the Christmas shop in Bourton on the Water from when we visited a couple of years ago - it was doing brisk trade in early September:)

  2. What a lovely place to escape to! I think it will take a good while to come to terms with what has happened recently especially given the shock of it all.

    Huge hugs,

    S xx

  3. Cotswolds is one of the stunning places I love. Burton-on-the-water is beautiful. The brook and bridges are simply British I love. I've been there three times. Very impressive village.
    Sorry for the lost of Ziggy.
    Regards from Hong Kong.

  4. I love the Cotswolds. The villages seem to be the very epitome of English-ness :) And I remember having a lot of jigsaw puzzles featuring scenes from Cotswold villages.

    It is always hard to lose a much loved member of your family. Hugs coming your way.

  5. One of my favourite places in England. We stayed near Broadway for 3 weeks in 2008 and remember it all so well. We also visited Hidcote when the tulips etc were flowering. Lovely! Memories of Ziggy will be with you forever. I think we miss ours the most when we come home and they're not there to greet us

  6. Hi sorry to hear you lost your cat, so sad. But I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to the Cotswolds. It was a bit further away from where I am. To answer your question about the shaw, it is called south bay shawlette, in the picture it is purple and little hard to recognize. Let me know if you have trouble finding it. I also crochet left handedly, so had to work out the pattern backwards! :) X

  7. We have visited the Cotswolds several times, but just did the villages. Next time we shall investigate the country houses and gardens you mention - they look lovely. So sorry to read about your cat. Hope the grandchildren aren't too affected by it and get over it ok. Xcathy

  8. I love the Cotswolds and we stayed there earlier this year. Loved seeing your pictures today, Broadway is so pretty. I'm very sorry to hear that you lost your beloved cat....such a sad time to go through.
    Helen x

  9. Oh I really want to explore the Cotswolds one day. I must talk husband into it !

    Thank you for your comment - we share the loss of a young cat xx

  10. My sister lives near Evesham - so very pretty all around there.

    Thank you for your comments - I hope you and your daughter enjoy Yarndale. I'm enjoying finding more time for crafting now my son is growing up. x

  11. I do hope your break helped at least a little x

    And yes, do try and get to Hidcote in the summer, it's amazing!