Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cambridge then France

 Last weekend we went down to Cambridge to see the family.Cambridge is such a beautiful city with so many wonderful and historic buildingsAbove is Kings College.
 This is Gonville and Caius College.
 I think this is Trinity or St Johns ,not quite sure.
 Interesting little side streets.When we go it is to see the family and we never really get to see the sights so these photos were a bit rushed in a quick dash into town.
This is Ella,on the right,our 14 year old granddaughter who is into rowing.She was in a race on the River Cam.The training is really rigorous.A schedule for every day of the week.It requires a lot of dedication.
 Grandpa with Angus and Finlay waiting for Ella to row by.
 Then on monday morning it was off toFrance.It is only two hours from Cambridge to Dover so seemed silly not to snatch a few days in France.We got a return ferry ticket for £40-bargain!
 From Calais we decided to drive down the coast towards Boulogne.This the view from cap Blanc Nez.From there we drove to our hotel in St Omer.We stayed at the Ibis which is right in the centre with loads of restaurants(even in October) which we could walk to.
The first day we drove through lovely countryside on back roads to Le Touquet which was dead,very quiet.On the way back we stopped at La Coupole-below.
 This is a huge concrete dome which you can just see in the middle and the entrance bottom left.In WW2 the Germans were building this facility to launch V2 rockets on never got to be used because the war ended.Now it is a fascinating museum of WW2.A must visit place if you are in the area.
 At the back of St Omer is a marshy area.Monks dug waterways in the Middle Ages.It is now a country park with lots of pathways.Sorry there are no actual photos of St Omer.As you can see we had blue skies all the time.What a bonus as Autumn has now arrived.
I will leave you with a photo of a starter at one of our meals out.The French do it so well.We ate three wonderful meals on the three nights we were there including snails,frogs' legs and rabbit.
We had a wonderful break in Cambridge and France.The downside was a 5 and a half hour drive from Dover back home to North Wales.


  1. Lovely visit with the family then France! I'm so jealous... and don't get me started on how wonderful French food is !!!!!

  2. Lovely break in Cambridge and Northern France. We have never expolored that part of France - it looks interesting.

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful trip.

  4. Lovely to spend a few days in your favourite places:)

  5. I thought for a moment that you had visited Brighton, it looked like the Royal Pavilion for a moment.
    Sorry you lost your lovely cat and I understand how you feel having lost several in my time but time is a healer and if you could give a good home to another kitty it would be wonderful, there are so many looking for good homes.
    Snails and Frogslegs do not appeal to me, were they nice?

  6. It's always good to get away. In fact I read this thinking how much I could do with a holiday!