Thursday, 6 February 2014

Show and tell.

 While I have been "projectless" I have been making some of these for a hospice in Manchester.You send them in and they put a creme egg inside and sell them.I have made about 20 so far.
 Another thing I have made is a lap blanket from bits of wool left over from other projects.this will go to an old people's home.
 In one of our spare bedrooms we have two single beds with these duvets on them.Whenever our two local granddaughters come to stay,especially in the winter,I wish I had matching blankets.So you know I have an addiction to making blankets,out comes my Stylecraft Special DK colour chart.I bought this chart from Afan Crafts for £1.99 and it has been invaluable.Yarn colours on the internet can't be trusted.I have been disappointed so may times.This Stylecraft yarn comes in 55 colours,yes 55!So I chose my colours to match the duvet covers.
In this photo the colours look darker than they really are.They are a pretty good match.A new colour palette for me as well.On the other side of the covers there are stripes for when our grandsons come to stay..So I am happy .I can indulge my obsession with two more blankets.So snuggly to do in the winter watching TV.


  1. This is definitely the weather for snuggling up and making blankets. I'll look forward to seeing them when they are finished.

  2. The little chicks are so cute! Your blanket colours are lovely and it's nice that you can settle down in front of the television and make them:)

  3. Have fun making your blankets, i'm sure your grand daughters will love them.
    The little duck is really sweet and you've made a whole brood of them, I'm impressed!

  4. Your crochet hooks have truly been busy! The blankets have lovely colorways, and that little duck is very, very cute. How wonderful that it can somehow lay a chocolate egg! With your help, of course. xo

  5. I love your wonderful projects, especially that darling duck.

  6. Great little duck! What a lovely idea. The blankets to match the bedcovers are going to look lovely! Happy crocheting! Ros

  7. It's a gorgeous colour palette ... and I love that you grand boys get different sides of the duvet covers to your grand girls :)