Sunday 28 September 2014

It does my soul good...

 It does my soul good to go to Ness Gardens on the Wirral.I had a lovely long shot of the gardens but it has disappeared!Ness Gardens was born of one man's passion for plants and his desire to share it with others.When Liverpool cotton merchant Arthur Bulley began to create a garden in 1898 he laid the foundations for a wonderful botanic garden.He was responsible for introducing plants from China and the Himalayas to Britain.After his death in 1948 his daughter presented the gardens to Liverool University along with £75,000.
We are friends of Ness(less than £40 a year for two of us) so we can go any time.Every time we go we see things we havn't seen before.The picture above is of fruit on a magnolia tree.New to me.You can harvest the seeds and try and grow them yourself.
 This a fruit from a Japanese Dogwood(Cornus Kousa Chinensis).So unusual and new to me again.
 There were masses of these Colchium alongside tiny cyclamen.Colchium are strange.They have leaves in the Spring,they die and then the flowers come along.
Look at this sunflower!10 foot high.
 "scarlet" kale.
Why can I not grow nasturtiums like this?I have tried numerous times and always fail.
We had a lovely afternoon walk.It is a wonderful garden to visit.So tranquil.We just sat and admired the view(the photo that disappeared) and enjoyed the peace.All we could hear were the birds singing.Lovely.


  1. The gardens look like a beautiful place to visit.

  2. What a strange fruit the magnolia has. Seems a lovely place to spend some time.

  3. A beautiful and interesting place to visit! xx

  4. Looks wonderful. No wonder you like to return often through the year:)

  5. I have been fortunate to visit ness gardens. It is certainly a lovely place.How wonderful you can visit often.