Monday, 8 September 2014

Two holidays cancelled,one salvaged(partly).

                                         Early in June my OH started passing blood in his urine.We spent 6 hours in A&E,tests were ordered but from then on our lives were on hold.We were about to go to the Loire valley in France but had to cancel.Following the tests it was decided that he needed "mega urgent" surgery.This was scheduled for Sept 4th.The last week in August we were due to go to France again way down the west coast.We didn't think we could risk that ,going so we opted instead for a week in Normandy on the north coast.
Wehad a gite just outside Dieppe(pictured above).
 This is our cottage.It was very comfortable but we didn't have very good weather but we ate out every day.The food in France is sooooooooooo good and very reasonable.
 This a starter,just my first course!I mainly ate seafood and loads of fish.
 This is typical of the scenery around Dieppe.Tall cliffs.
 Of course I always take some craft with me.I made these socks knitting in the car or listening to podcasts in the evening.
I also crocheted lots of squares for my latest blanket.

Update on my husband.It turned out they thought he had bladder cancer but thank goodness they were was prostate problems again.He had his op last Thursday and came home yesterday.He feels really well and let's hope that is all behind us.We should have been going to Spain on the 19th Sept but he can't fly for 6 weeks so another holiday cancelled.
This is the first time I have blogged in three months but I intend to blog more.A lots of people I follow seem to be tailing off with their blogging too.I wonder why?


  1. Take care of you and your husband.
    Je vais penser très fort à vous pour que la santé s'améliore.
    Lucie (Québec, Canada)

  2. I'm glad to hear the good news. As for the blogging absentees, I think summer is very busy for a lot of people. Blogging is easier when it is too cold and dark outside to do anything else.

  3. So pleased to hear that your hubby is on the mend. Hopefully you will get to have a holiday in a few weeks time - would set you up nicely for the winter!


  4. Summer seems to have been busy for so many this year and going backwards and forwards to hospitals does take its toll. Pleased your visits ended with good news. Hopefully you'll get to enjoy a nice relaxing break very soon and when you're ready, get back to your blog.

  5. Sending you both special thoughts as your husband heals.
    Hugs to you,

  6. Welcome back to you as summer turns to autumn.

    I am glad that you all did manage to have that getaway to France, but even more glad that your husband's surgery was successful.

    You all will surely have many more opportunities for wonderful holidays.