Sunday, 18 January 2015

70 is the new 50!!!!

 Last Friday was my 70th birthday!I can't believe it.In my head I am still 50 or less.Our daughter took us out to lunch on Friday and the the whole family met up on Saturday morning at the Littleton Arms in Penkridge near Stafford.Matt coming from Cambridge ,Sarah from Cheshire,us from North Wales.We had a light lunch and then a walk on Cannock Chase.
 Then it was time for dinner.This is my birthday cake with yarn and needles made of icing.
 This is one of the presents from the children.I have long admired Cathy Daniels ceramics(Potter Jotter formerly) and my daughter commissioned her to do this p[ece for my birthday.Sorry it is on its side but I can't move it.I hope you can see it features knitting,gardening,reading and my grandchildren.My main interests.The children also bought me a new camera so expect some better photos!C bought me a new,small laptop to replace my anci.ent netbook.
Here they are my 5 grandchildren.

We are off to Paris tomorrow for three days.I have been spoiled rotten and really do appreciate it especially all eleven of us being together for the weekend.70 years ago there was just me and now look at me.I am so lucky.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! What a wonderful cake and your present is beautiful isn't it. A great reminder of a great day! xx

  2. Oh !!! Happy Birthday . What a very special day and such a happy celebration xx

  3. Well, thank goodness! I am 68 and now looking forward to being 50...

    You look lovely in the photo - and I envy that woodpile!


  4. I expect you are on your way to Paris as I type this - hope you have a wonderful time. Belated Happy Birthday too - both cake and present are wonderful but the best of all is your family being all together:)

  5. happy birthday! hope you enjoy parisxx

  6. A very Happy Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy your trip and safe journey back.

  7. Turning 70 you should be spoiled rotten. Love the cake. Have a great time in Paris.

  8. Lots of belated Happy Birthday wishes to you! How grand to have the celebrations continuing all the way to Paris.

    (My own 70th will arrive later on this year, and I agree with you about still thinking I'm in the warmth of my 50s.)


  9. hi Barbara, what a lovely surprise! I had no idea I was making it for you! So happy you like it. X Cathy

  10. A very happy birthday to you! That's a lovely photo of you and your grandchildren. I often count up how many people I've 'multiplied' into! ;) I love visiting Paris, one of my favorite cities. Have a fantastic time!
    Jess xx

  11. Happy birthday! Last year friends gave me a similar yarn cake for my birthday. :) Enjoy Paris, Tammy