Saturday, 10 January 2015

Three knitting projects for the New Year

 Can you believe I have started knitting a Xmas present?I had this 2ply lace yarn in silk and thought it would just suit my sister in law.I always make her something but not in 2014 as moving house really took it out of me and no knitting was done for two months.New Year.New Start.Project 1.
 Project Two.Making a v neck jumper with raglan sleeves for me.This is "watching TV" knitting!
 Here is a close up of the wool.It is Stylecraft Alpaca with a fleck and is pale mauve.It is DK.
 Project Three.Socks.I can't resist making socks.Another good thing to do watching TV.
Suggestions please for Project Four.I have loads of stylecraft DK and want a crochet project.I have done lots of blankets so want a different idea to use up this wool.

A beautiful day here in North Wales but very blustery and cold.I had intended to go in the garden but have chickened out and am inside,central heating on and having a lazy afternoon.


  1. Cushion cover? Bag? Hats? Ear warmers? Cot blanket? Hand warmers?

  2. I have seen some easy crochet waistcoat patterns that would be perfect for spring and summer.

  3. How about a Lucy style cowl poncho . I love the one Pammy Sue has made for herself.


  5. What about a shawl? It could be a ripple done with a larger hook to make it softer and lighter to wear. Love all your projects, I have some TV knitting myself.

  6. Great projects to keep you busy during the wintery weather! Love the sock yarn! Ros

  7. Oh such beautiful yarn! I don't think I'd like to tackle anything too complicated when I'm watching TV. I'm crocheting a blanket, nice and mindless and it keeps my knees warm! ;)
    Jess xx

  8. Come and join in on the blanket that we are making over on my blog, you would be more than welcome!