Friday, 22 April 2016

My latest shawl.

 This is my latest creation.Rubbish photo I know but I just couldn't find anywhere to show it off without shadows so I ended uo putting it on our newly cleaned patio.The pattern is Matilda.The yarn isAlpaca 2-3 ply from John Arbon textiles.His name seems to be everywhere at the moment.
Here is a closeup of the is a 16 row repeat which gets easier as the repeat goes on.It was a 100g hank 90% alpaca,10% nylon.600m.It only took me two weeks to knit up and I only knit in the evening.Not bad eh!
We have just had a weekend down in Cambridge with our son and family and from there went on the train(Eurotunnel) to France for four nights.A chance for some great food and some wine buying.(Claire if you are reading this I promise to meet up with you for coffee next time!)The trouble for us is a six hour drive back from Eurotunnel home.A great chance for some sock knitting and a nap!!
I am now working on a shawl to take on holiday in May.Off now to watch Coronation Street and of course some knitting.See you soon with the completed socks and possibly another shawl.


  1. The shawl is beautiful, glad you had a fun trip.

  2. The beautiful lavender alpaca yarn was a great choice for your new shawl. I am amazed that you make it in two weeks. Wow!

    I'm envious that you can actually drive to France. xo

  3. A lovely shawl.
    Sounds like a great trip. Good for you.

  4. Your shawl is so beautiful! Hope you enjoy wearing it! xx

  5. Love the colour and pattern! Ros

  6. Very pretty, love the colour!