Monday, 31 October 2016

A surprise gift from my daughter.A bit of Autmn colour.

 You may remember from my last post that I have been having some health problems nothing major just a nuisance.I was chatting to my daughter on the phone this morning telling her what had happened when I saw the consultant on Saturday and she obviously sensed I was a bit down and half an hour later the bell went and this lovely bouquet was delivered via Interflora.What a brilliant idea and it has really cheered me up.More about my health later.

 We still have a bit of colour in the garden.Nasturtiums never flower where I plant the seeds ,they just appear!!!

 We have planted quite a lot of these cyclamen.I love their vivid colours.
 We have two very big trees in our not very big garden(and one that hangs over our fence).Both these trees have Tree Preservation Orders on them so we can't cut them down or even trim them with consent from the local authority.All those leaves are going to fall in our garden over the next couple of weeks!!!!!That will be a job and a half picking them up and will certainly burn some calories.
ABack to my health.I have always been told I have IBS.The consultant I have seenwho did the colonoscopy thinks I may have Bile Acid Malabsorption.The colonoscopy biopsy showed I have Microscopic Colitis ,so called because you can only see it with a microscope.He has put me on Colestyramine.It seems loads of people diagnosed with IBS actually have one of these problems.My fingers are crossed that when I get the dose right I shall be better than I have been for years.The downside I have to have a low fat diet.NO CHEESE!Holidays to France will never be the same again.I have an Endoscopy on the 11th November when he will have the full picture.


  1. Glad you may be getting to the bottom of your health problems and controlling it with diet may be easier than you think once you know what to do. I'm sure you'll find a substitute for cheese. It's too fattening anyway !!!

  2. no cheese - boo hoo!...however, if the need to eliminate it is there, your health is what is important...such sweet sentiment and gift from your daughter and her family...with thoughts sent your way for improving health..take care...sally

  3. How lovely to receive such pretty flowers from your daughter. I'm glad that you are getting a fresh diagnosis and new medicine to help, Hope all goes well with the rest of the treatment and that you begin to feel the benefit of it soon:)

  4. I hope that things will improve for you medically one the diagnosis is finalised and medication sorted out. Sorry to hear you have been down. Sending you hugs to go with the flowers! xx

  5. Hopefully they have diagnosed your correctly and the medication will help. Sending you a hug,