Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Games for the ipad?

 What happened to that?Havn't a clue!!It is a picture of Hay Day about the only game I play on the I pad.
I am sorry I havn't blogged in ages but I have had a really terrible time with my IBS keeping me close to home and very fed up.I was getting no joy from my GP or my hospital consultant and have ended up paying privately to see a different consultant.This Friday I am having a colonoscopy and to prepare for that I shall be stuck in the house.Lots of crafting and reading but I thought I might download some games for my ipad.Any suggestios,please?
 On the subject of reading I thought I would show you some books I have enjoyed recently.This one is set in Seattle.
 This book is based on a true story.It is about slavery and the real life abolitionist sisters,Sarah and Angelika Grimke.
 I am a great fan of Isabel Allende and this didn't disappoint.
Anne  Cholawo gave up a lucrative job to go and live on a remote Scottish Island.

Have you any recommendations?

I was very upset to read  of the untimely death of Helen's (Josie Kitten) husband.I read her blog and you really feel you get to know people so this has really affected me.


  1. I liked the Isabel Allende book too. I just finished Where'd You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple and enjoyed it. Hate the prepping for a colposcopy.

  2. It's good to see this post from you! I wish you well with that procedure and hope that you will soon be getting care that will lead to your feeling much better.

    Your book recommendation are interesting. Guess what...about ten years ago I actually met beautiful Isabel Allende while helping to manage a clothing shop that she liked. We got on well, and laughed a lot, and she ended up buying garments just like those I was wearing...and sent me several of her novels as a thank you gesture.
    It's a small world. xo

  3. Oh dear, I feel for you. I suffer from acid reflux, which is is no way as bad as IBS, but I do know that confined to the house feeling the day before a Colonoscopy! I have I love Hay Day and play it all the time, when I'm not knitting or crafting of course. Hope everything goes well. CN x

  4. I'm sorry to hear that you're under the weather with your IBS, I hope you can get some answers after the colonoscopy and some sort of treatment sorted out. I've just downloaded The Invention of Wings to my Kindle, the blurb sounded good so I'm looking forward to reading that. I'm afraid I don't play games, except candy crush on my phone, so I can't give any recommendations.

  5. Good luck on your test, it does not sound fun at all. Hopefully you will get some much needed answers. I have read all the Louise Penny mysteries and loved each one.

  6. Sorry to hear things are not well with you Barbara, hoping the tests can help work it all out. Just thought I would send you my email again so we can exchange contact address details for out 12 days of Christmas swap, so excited about it, my email address is : eclectichomeandlife [at] gmail [dot] com added the brackets so as not to be spammed, hope it all makes sense Get well wishes from me to you , Selma xx

  7. Hope you are feeling better by now Barbara. Sorry can't help much with games as I stick to Words with Friends and Solitaire.

  8. So sorry to hear of your health troubles Barbara - hope things are resolving themselves a little by now. These books sound really good - i'll earmark them for Christmas maybe! Good luck with it all. xCathy

  9. Have you tried eating Sauerkraut. It may be some weird coincidence but I have had lots of trouble and recently had a colonography scan and have another procedure to come but a few weeks ago started eating sauerkraut and, although not completely sympton free the results have been amazing.

    I reckon it is worth trying anything.

  10. Can't recommend any games, but hope all goes well! Ros

  11. Good luck with your tests, and I do hope you will feel better soon. I have made a note of these books....thank you for sharing them, I am always looking for new titles to enjoy. Sending get well wishes.
    Helen xox

  12. Hi BeeJay, I hope that your tests went ok and that you are feeling much better. IBS is an awful affliction. It's good that you have some nice hobbies to keep you occupied. Don't forget to get your colouring books out too. Hugs Rose x