Sunday, 25 June 2017

A week in France.

 On our way to France from our home in \North Wales we stopped in Cambridge to see our son and family.Angus was off to ||Scout camp.Just look at that rucksack.He could hardly walk with it on his back!!
Saturday morning saw us heading for Folkstone and Eurotunnel.We only had a 90 minute drive to St Valery sur Somme where we were staying for the week.
 It is from here that William the Conqueror sailed on his way to Hastings in 1066.It is a lovely little town with a medieval quarter and also a fishermans quarter.All very picturesque.
This is the cottae we rented for the week in a village called Saint Blimont,a six minute drive from St Valery.We had beautiful weather and we did a lot of sitting in the garden and reading and me doing my Elizabeth Bradley tapestry bell pull.
I read three books
While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green.
From the Heart by Susan Hill.
The Girls by Lisa Jewell.

I have loads more photos to share with you but my computer is refusing to load them.It says files are full so for now this is it.


  1. Glad your visit was so nice. Hugs.

  2. Ooh that looks lovely, can't wait to see a bit more

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely time. What a shame that you are having trouble uploading photos. I hope you can sort out the problem soon:)

  4. I collected my son yesterday from his DofE gold level bike and he was heavily laden toof, he's a bit taller than Angus, mind you he's taller than me too and his legs almost buckled when he put his pack on. It didn't stop him from adding more'important' things though. charger, speaker, hair gel. ....