Friday, 31 August 2018

Isn't this great?

My OH and our youngest granddaughter ,Ruby, playing ukulele together.I bought C this ukulele for his birthday last December and he has loved it.He has tried to learn guitar in the past but found it difficult.Our local U3A has a "Music live" group which he has joined. They have 4 or 5 guitarists,one mandolin,two ukuleles ,African drummers and three singers.They play Beatles songs,Lonnie Donnegan and folk songs and other things they have composed.They play gigs to care groups,over 50 s clubs,care homes etc.He is having the time of his life!
We were looking after Emily and Ruby yesterday.Ruby plays recorder ,clarinet and oboe but they have a ukulele so when we were there they were playing together.How great is that.( I must say Em and myself did get a bit fed up with repetition!)
This was followed by a trip to the cinema to see "Incredibles 2",a film about Super Heroes!!!A little bit out of my comfort zone but I actually quite enjoyed it.With all the gloom and doom that is around it was good to escape for a couple of hours.
We had a great day.Mummy was having a spa day with two colleagues before term starts on Monday.
P.S.We also enjoyed Mamma Mia 2,another bit of escapism.


  1. Hi!
    I'd like to see Mamma Mia 2 but I think I will wait for the DVD. :-)

  2. VERy cool! How nice they can share that.