Saturday, 24 November 2018

Catch up

 It was Ruby's birthday last week. She was 11.We picked her up from school and took her home and had some fun.When Mummy and Daddy came in from work and Emily(13) from school we opened presents .Then we headed into Chester,about halfway between our two homes.We went to this restaurant.It is £14.99 each but the birthday girl got it free.They have the most enormous range of food,all help yourself,Thai,Indian,Chinese,Italian ,Japanese etc.It was brilliant.The staff were friendly and efficient at clearing away plates etc.The atmosphere was buzzing.I understand they have a place in York too.

On a different note,I quite like,well really like having a jigsaw on the go.This one was really tricky with lots of tabby cats.I had bought it in a charity shop but when I had finished it there were 6 pieces missing.One piece in particular I had spent ages looking for.Such a disappointment.

What else have I been up to?
Monday afternoon I met a friend in Costa.We meet every other week.My OH was at his French Group.
Monday evening we went out with our "gang" of friends.We were eleven but two couples have moved away to be nearer their children but on Monday one couple were back so we went out for a meal and had a good catch up.
Tuesday was our Art Appreciation group.It was A talk on "Conflict Art".Very interesting but also disturbing and sad.Images from WW1 .So,so sad.
Wednesday is "granddaughter afternoon".
Thursday I went to a Poetry group.I know nothing about poetry but would like to know more.We all had to take a poem from WW1. I took some Vera Brittain poems.So sad.The lost her brother and her boyfriend,
Friday I always meet my friend Sheila and over a pot of tea and a toasted tea cake over two hours we put the world to rights.She is such a good and close friend and we have known each other for forty plus years.I came in the house and OH went out to band practice.They are performing in Chester Cathedral in December.
This morning we walked to our market town,ten minutes, and had coffee with three different friends.
This afternoon we went exploring an area on the Wirral that a friend had suggested was good for a walk.Had a half of lager in an ancient pub.
Now, C is watching the rugby Wales v South Africa and I am waiting for Strictly and some knitting.
Hope you are all ok.I have 94 followers but love to get to 100.


  1. Such a busy life Barbara, you put a lot of us to shame. Good on you.

  2. What a fantastic restaurant! It sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. You have so many wonderful friend because you are a wonderful friend, wonderful grandmother, too I might add.

  4. What a busy week and lots of socialising, it's what keeps us young. How annoying to have pieces missing from the jigsaw, you'd think they'd be checked if they're selling things like that where it's important that all the pieces are present.

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  6. Sounds like you've been more than busy! And the birthday party sounds very nice. What's OH mean? Sorry about the puzzle, was scrolling hoping to see a picture of said puzzle. My friend that does puzzles always takes pictures of them when completely. Some are so pretty.

  7. Phew, you lived up to your name this week. Sounds great.

  8. You have a full and busy life!
    I had two years living on the Wirral, when I was eleven. We lived in West Kirby. Just about to boost your numbers by another notch.