Saturday, 10 November 2018

My latest weaving.

 This is my second attempt at weaving on my loom and I must say I am pretty pleased with it.I devised the pattern myself and I was so much quicker.I started it one evening and had finished by the next evening just doing the odd ten minutes here and there.So far I have only used fairly cheap wool but I think I shall try something better next time.
I have got a 1,000 pice jigsaw on the go and am still working on my crochet blanket.This is a great project for colder venting watching TV as it keeps you warm!
I am reading Miller's Valley by Anna Quindlen.Not too sure about it yet.
What do you do in your spare time,if you have any.I think most of the people who read my blog are crafters which is why I follow them,others just have interesting lives but I also like to read what people are just doing day to day .Blogland is wonderful and long may it continue.


  1. I love it, great color choices and pattern. You know me if I can even grab a minute or two of free time I am playing with yarn. Have a great weekend.

  2. That's lovely, both in colour and in pattern.
    I enjoy knitting and sewing and in January I am starting a nine week 'pottery for beginners' course. Should be fun.

  3. Love the weaving, one thing I have never tried. What do I do in my spare time? well, so much I go round in circles sometimes trying to decide what to do. lol
    I knit socks, do jigsaws, embroider, read, cook cakes, play scrabble on the pc, play solitaire on the pc, keep up with the blogs as well as writing my own. phew!
    I never understand people who say they are bored.

  4. I am just finishing my first large ripple blanket, and thinking of making a larger one, which working during the winter months will keep me nice and warm. I too love to read, but my taste are changing as I have more time. Interesting to read about your weaving, love the piece you have made.

  5. Clever lady, its so pretty ! we have our daughter living with us at the moment …. with her two dogs so my house is in uproar ! Covers on all the furniture, dog toys everywhere..and the dog HAIR ! It fills my trusty vacuum cleaner every day ! so I'm very limited with craft projects at the moment.
    Up till now I have been crocheting 4 inch squares to take to my Mum in the Nursing Home. She needs something to do as she has always been a busy person but even this is almost beyond her with her dementia now and you should see the mess she gets into !!
    Not so easy to find projects in the heat but I still have a huge quilt that only needs a final border to be finished. I need space and peace to concentrate before I make those final cuts of the material, no scope for error there. I may be able to do a little bit of sewing after Christmas, I need some new placemats . Just need to get my head into gear.

  6. Your weaving is fabulous, I wouldn't have known you were new to weaving if you hadn't said. It's a craft I've never tried. You've got some great cooler weather things on the go at the moment, I enjoy knitting, reading, watching TV, internet browsing and watching podcasts when I get some time to sit down, but I do like to get out and about on the better days when I can too.

  7. Love the color combination of your weaving. Totally agree with you, I love blog land too. Been at it for years. Happy Friday to you.