Sunday, 3 February 2019

Sweet Pea blanket.

It is growing and I am managing to keep up.
Has anyone crocheted the animals from Edward's Menagerie.All week I have been working on an alpaca/llama from the book for Ruby..I just cannot get the head / face right.

After posting my snowy pictures on Wednesday, my day went from bad to worse.We came back from our snowy walk and had lunch.About 1 pm my O H came into the room I was in to say he didn't feel well.He was dizzy,nauseous and clammy and said he was going to bed.I took his temperature which was fine.We have to be very careful as he has no spleen.He was sick a couple of times.I am thinking that if I have to rush him to A and E we have a quite long gravel drive with 5 inches of snow on it and the prospect of minus 5 over night.So, out I went and started shovelling.I managed to get two tracks clear,had a rest and went back and did more.I managed to get the car into the garage,a very tight fit and waited.Eventually about 7 pm he started to feel better and is fine again.Fancy being ill with 5 inches of snow!!!!Bad timing and a worrying few hours.I did manage to speed read my next Book Club book.The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller.Not impressed.

We met up with Sarah,our daughter and Emily and Ruby today for a cup of coffee in John Lewis at home.I love that store.Beautiful but expensive things there.Our granddaughters are growing up so fast but are lovely girls.Very special to us.
Anyway,onwards and upwards .A new week and a busy day tomorrow.


  1. Glad he is ok. Hope your drive stays clear!

  2. Glad to read hubby is feeling better, I would have been doubly scare with all the snow about. I agree John Lewis is expensive but I do love looking around in there.

  3. Glad to hear he is feeling better. I'm not familiar with John Lewis. Is it a home d├ęcor store? -Jenn

  4. I have my bag of yarn for the sweet pea blanket but have been so unwell that I haven't even opened it yet. I'm looking forward to making it but may change a few colours as I am not a green person, lol
    Glad your husband recovered quickly. I've had a few of those scary times with Tom, the bag is always at the ready and I feel quite blase when we trundle of in the ambulance once again. So far we have managed a year without having to make any dashes. lol

  5. So glad your husband is feeling better, that was a close call. Love your beautiful blanket.

  6. These things seem to happen at the most awkward times, it is good that you did not have to venture out. I am skirting round the edge of another blanket. I bought the Sweet pea yarn pack and used some of it for a gifted blanket. I quite fancy another made in exactly the same way but adding in a few more colours. It will have to wait as I am on "work through the stash" mission.

  7. I am so glad your husband pulled through the tough spot and got well without you having to rush him to the emergency room! I'm enjoying the sweet pea a lot, but am glad I'm doing the "sample repeat" as I love how the colors melt into each other as I go. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. The blanket looks lovely. I thought of making it - maybe after the wedding­čśü