Monday, 12 August 2019

Three new projects.

 This should have been number 4!
 I fancied doing something it ting other than socks and quite liked the look of this teddy bear.I thought if it worked out ok I could do some for charity.The yarn is Shetland Yarn in a natural Cleese colour.Easy to do watching TV.

 Now this is different.Not something to do watching TV.It a reversible cowl done in Brioche stitch.This is something new to me but I do like a challenge.Watch this space.

This is my third project.Can you guess?This is a large ball of twine to do macrame.I did macrame in the seventies.My OH said you must have a book on it(I have lots of craft books).I didn't have one but I found this M&S one from 1976 and yep ,macrame is in there.

I must also press on with my black stitch.

I read on someone's blog (Eileen?) about nonograms.I am looking into that too.I do like to keep busy.


  1. You are amazing with amount of crafty stuff you get through. I'm in the doldrums a bit and need a project. Guess I should finish the quilt I've had on the go for about 6 years but things are a bit difficult while we have sally and her two dogs living with us.

  2. I had that book and I made the lion wall hanging a a folder cover and the rag doll, both for my CSE needlework course back in 1976!

  3. The bears look cute and I'll be anxious to see the cowl. Oh my macrame makes me finger hurt just thinking about it. Been years since I've done it and my hands were stronger than, so think the arthritis would not like it these days. Keep us posted.

  4. The Shetland yarn looks perfect for a little bear

  5. Me popping back round as I'm making my blog rounds. Hope you're doing well.

  6. Brioche stitch sounds intriguing!

  7. Hi, btw..we used to live in Mold/yr Wyddgrug opposite the council hq..then in I worked for David Frith in Denbigh, then Oriel Theatr 1976...

    1. Thanks for your return visit! I must re-fill my Etsy shop...I put it on Sleep when we visited NZ

  8. Looks like you are going to have a lot of fun with your new projects. Good luck.

  9. I learnt macrame in school in the 70s. I’m amazed to see it back in vogue again!xx