Wednesday, 8 January 2020

A walk by the River Dee .

We had a walk this morning by the River Dee.This is a stretch which has been canalised and is between Chester and the coast.The wings for the Airbus 380 are made just a few miles upstream from here and are transported by barge to the port of Mostyn where they are loaded on a larger boat and taken to Toulouse in France to be assembled.It was so peaceful today with the winter sunshine and just a few cyclists around.I like this walk because it is flat,somethings very difficult to find round here!!!

I was really disappointed on Monday.The talk on the BayeuxTapestry was postponed.Instead we heard a a talk from someone who had converted his drive into a garden.Not really social history.There were 150 there so it was good for a catch up with friends.


  1. Your view looks very tranquil and serene, a nice place to walk.
    What a shame the Bayeux was cancelled, hope its been re-scheduled for soon.

  2. I love river and canal side walks. Well done for getting out there. Bet it was beautiful. B x

  3. I'm not sure why you're not able to access the link to my Just Giving page. Here it is again anyway and thank you. x