Thursday, 23 January 2020

I bought one of these today.

 It looks like an electric toothbrush but is actually for use in the kitchen.It cleans in hard to reach places eg hobs,around taps.I have tried it out and it is brilliant.It takes away all the "elbow grease".It comes with four different heads for different places and one is pointed.I don't usually get excited about cleaning but if this makes life easier it will be moneywellspent.I got it from Lakeland in Chester.£18.99.I also bought a te bag squeezer saving all those drips.Isn't life exciting!!!

We haven't been to Chester for ages so it was lovely to wander round this beautiful city.Then it was out tolunch(no cooking tonight,yay.
This afternoon we have spent a bit of time in the garden.We have a gravel drive which needs keeping tidy and weed free.Hopefully it burned off some of the calories eaten at lunchtime.


  1. I liked Chester. Long time ago I visited. Like your new toys!

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