Saturday, 1 February 2020


Last night we went to see Frankinstein at the theatre.We both borough lay enjoyed it.I have never read the book but when we got home I read some reviews of this particular production and they were very critical.I loved the interpretation and the person who played Mary Shelley was outstanding. It is touring in the UK.Catch it if you can or has someone already seen it.
We have just had a lovely FaceTime chat with our eldest granddaughter Ella who is at Madison University in Wisconsin for a semester.She seems to have settled in really well.
Tension is mounting here as our son in law goes into hospital on Tuesday to have his brain tumour removed.Please send positive vibes our way
Back soon.


  1. I've never read the book either. I'm often surprised by some reviews and wonder if the reviewer actually watched the entire show.

    I'm sending positive healing vibes for your son in law x

  2. Sending healing light and energy to your son-in-law for his upcoming surgery.

  3. Sending positive vibes for you all. May all go well.

  4. I've never read the book either. I hope all will go well on Tuesday:)

  5. Love and blessings to you and the family as you face this worrying time