Monday, 27 April 2020

At long last it is finished.

This has been quite tricky!As you are going round doing petals you just hope they meet up.They did .Phew.The gold metallic bit was hard because the thread kept splitting and knotting. Very frustrating. I have a cross stitch kit to start now.It has been very pleasant sitting in the conservatory stitching,reading,doing crosswords and listening to the radio but I long to get out and meet people.
Our son in law who had a brain tumour removed in February has now been diagnosed with post operative epilepsy and ended back in hospital last Monday,a worry in itself at the moment.He spent one night there and came out with more medication.Good news for him was that he can still have a pint.
Are you finding that situations in the past you coped with are now very stressful?
Stay safe.
Anyone heard from Briony?
Bye Barbaraxxx


  1. She is fine. Well same as us all last I heard.

  2. It's beautiful, really lovely.
    Very sorry to read about your s-i-l and I hope they can help.

  3. A stunning finish, blackwork always looks so elegant.
    Poor SIL, that's not good news for you all.
    Warmest wishes x

  4. Your flower is just beautiful. So sorry to hear about your SIL's further complications. I am sending you all positive thoughts.

  5. Yippee for your finished project! So sorry to hear about your son and hope he get's better with each day. Take Care and stay well.