Wednesday, 1 April 2020

I had a blip yesterday...

I felt really sad yesterday and couldn't settle to anything.Anyway I have picked myself up and am feeling more positive.I think I was down because we had had a long phone call with our son.His wife has a coffee shop and a bakery.The coffee shop is obviously shut but the bakery is run off its feet.They are delivering bread etc but the logistics are hard.He was very tired as he had been delivering bread etc and then had to set up an online ordering system.Back to his day job on Monday where he was told his salary will be cut by 20%.So all in all he wasn't very jolly.I take all this on board.OH just takes it on board and says it will pass.
So,I have got up today feeling better.I stayed a bit longer in bed and then listened to Woman's Hour.Then we did the Joe Wicks workout for seniors.It is ten minutes but very good.This afternoon will be pottering in the garden,reading.Amazon have delivered two books which is good.
Hope you are all ok and don't worry if you have a "down" day.I think we will all have them.
Stay safe.Barbarax


  1. I've taken a look at at those exercises and am going to give them a go, I think I could manage those.
    I know how you feel about being down, I've been there as well, we've just got to just pick ourselves up and get on haven't we?
    I think we are going to be indoors for a lot longer than they say.
    At least we have the blogs and can communicate that way.
    Stay positive

  2. I've felt low too in the last couple of days, I guess we'll all have ups and downs and you have had a lot to worry about lately apart from the virus and its restrictions. Those exercises sound good, I must look for them:)

  3. One day at a time at the moment, that's all we can do. I've been doing the senior work out too, its really good.
    Trying hard to find happy thoughts in the simple things, and keeping well away from the news all day, only watching one update a day.
    Take care