Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Problems.Help needed .

I cannot load any photos onto my blog.I don't seem to be able to upload them from my phone.Can anyone help me please?Barbarax


  1. If you're using the new blogger format try going back to the old version and see if that helps. How far in the process of loading photos do you get?

  2. Sorry, I can't except maybe to upload the photos to your PC first?

  3. How frustrating! keep trying, I always upload my photos to one drive from my phone, then edit them to make them smaller and upload them from there, it's all bit long winded but smaller pictures are quicker and easier to upload. xx

  4. Is it a new phone? we can't upload from Tpm's new one but my old iphone is still good. sorry, I'm hopeless with this stuff. Hope you get it sorted.

  5. Do you have Apple products? I do, and upload photos to my blog posts from my MacBook. All photos taken with my iPhone 11 Pro automatically migrate to my laptop (via iCloud) along with photos from my cameras which I upload manually.

    NEW Blogger is geared toward using phones/tablets etc. apparently - I'm guessing laptops will disappear eventually! I have no idea how to work on creating a blog post from my iPhone - and don't want to as it's too small to see much with old eyes!
    You can use OLD Blogger through end of July only - then you must go to the new version. Good luck - changes are never easy in the tech world I'm afraid.

    Hang in there - Mary