Friday, 3 July 2020

We have made a big decision.

We have decided to put our house on the market and if we can sell move nearer to our daughter and family.You will maybe remember about our son in law having a brain tumour removed in February.He seemed to be doing so well and then developed post operative epilepsy.His right arm goes numb for a few minutes then it passes.We hope his future is good but do not know.They live forty minutes away from us which isn't a long way but as we get older and need more help it would be easier for Sarah if we were closer.Everyone round here seems to have family very close.We used to have a great social life.Eleven of us going out eating together.Two years ago two of the couples moved south to be near their families.One of the group has dementia.It is a really tough call to make.We have lived in our little market town for 48 years.We belong to lots of u3a groups ,have good neighbours and friends.Should we move while we are still fit enough and join a new u3a and make new friends.All the above is churning in our minds.
Anyway, the house will be on the market next week.The agents reckon it is a good time to sell( they would) and there will be a depressed market in Sept /Oct when we hear of more closures and redundancies.Since we made the decision Airbus have announced 1,600 plus job losses with the knock on effect making even more closures so the chances of selling are probably zilch.

What would you do in our situation?Move near to Sarah so if there are more problems with Mike we are there or are we giving up too much.We need a crystal ball.


  1. Sounds like moving would be a good thing to me. My daughter is 20 mins away and is our life line. She is amazing.
    It is a big thing moving but once settled you will probably be happier.

  2. I'd move without doubt. You'll have the opportunity to make new friends but also to develop much closer relationships with your granddaughters before they fly the nest in a few years time.

  3. We would love to move back to my childhood village, and be with my brother and sister, but our daughter lives just 10 minutes drive from us. So we stay here, the extra bonus is seeing our grandsons each week.

  4. It's a tough one, I'm lucky my lovely daughter is just a 15 minute drive away and I don't know what I would do without her and it works both ways. I suppose if you are thinking about moving the sooner the better, you will make new friends easily enough the U3A is a great organisation, I've made loads of friends in our U3A after moving here 3 years ago, I just wish we could resume our meetings.

  5. I think you are making the right decision, you can visit your friends because as you say they are only 40 minutes away. But you can help your daughter and her family and she can help you and that is well worth a move. Good luck!

  6. We put our city house on the market in December and found a nice house to move to in a rural area. We then had a really frustrating 3 months banging our heads against a wall trying to progress things. I remember saying to Hubby something is going on, something is trying to stop us moving. We were flummoxed. We finally gave up at the beginning of March, and the rest is history. Daughter has also just got engaged and moving further away no longer seems like a good idea. It looks like fate stepped in and stopped us making a mistake. All I'm saying is that I think I believe in fate and if you are meant to move it will happen.