Saturday, 31 October 2020

One week of lockdown done.

At the start of the week we both felt really down.We couldn't get in the car,have change of scene and a walk.Also, the weather has been awful this week.I think I have only managed two walks from our house.Any way, we are one week down and ten more days to go.It looks,at the moment,that our First Minister here in Wales made the right decision.Only time will tell. I am pleased to say that our daughter in law is much better.She is still very tired but able to get out and walk the dog. Our 21 year old granddaughter phoned us this morning.She is in Uni but being very careful.She has turned into such a lovely young woman and chatting to her is so easy and a real tonic for us.She did say in the chat that she has been wearing the socks I knitted for her for her time in Wisconsin(cut short by Covid). Our highlight of the day yesterday was a chat with the Sainsbury's delivery van.A real face to face conversation,socially distanced and masked up.He asked my OH what his accent was.We have lived here in Wales for 48 years but stillhave our Lancashire( Bolton) accents.It turned out his daughter and family are living very close to the first house we bough when we got married.Small world. Strictly tonight.I don't seem to be able to upload photos at the moment. Stay safe everyone and if you go into lockdown it does pass......slowly but if it saves Xmas it will be worth it. Barbarax


  1. Me Yorkshire live in Scotland. Daft we all have different lock downs. Bit glad I am nowhere near Boris.

  2. I only watched half of Strictly yesterday so have the rest to look forward to today and well as the update programme.
    I wonder what impact the new lockdown will have on it though.

  3. We're going into Tier 3 tomorrow and then lockdown on Thursday. I have to say that I think the Tier system is a waste of time, I think Wales have got it right, we should have taken their lead, though why he's leaving schools, colleges and universities open beats me. You only have to look at the school gates to see mums and dads waiting for their children and not social distancing at all.

  4. I think we should have done what Wales did and went into lockdown at the same time as the school holidays it makes more sense. I don't think it's going to bother me much as we have had tough restrictions anyway for more than a month, I will miss my cappuccinos though.