Wednesday, 7 October 2020

A visit to Flint Castle

We have lived here in North Wales for 40 plus years and have never been to Flint Castle which is only 6 miles away.We tend to go further afield but we are in lockdown and cannot go out of our county so we went local.
How do I load photos?
Flint  Castle was built in the thirteenth century as part of Edwards the first campaign against Llywelyn the Last.
It is also famous as the location of the fateful meeting in 1399 between Richard the Second and his rival to the crown Henry Bolingbroke later Henry the Fourth.What a treat to discover this castle.
I have photos but don't know how to load them with this new blogger.Help.


  1. Much the same as you did before. Uploading I mean!

  2. Hi just moved to Borth and enjoying every moment despite building set backs. To load photos - on the new blog page on the icon bar at the top of the page it's the icon that is a dark square with two mountains in it. Click on it and then you get some options including 'from your computer' if that's where your photos are. Good luck.