Thursday, 13 May 2021

I think the worst part of moving house......

telling everyone your change of address.I spent twenty minutes on hold to HMRC this afternoon.This was spent after a good half an hour trying to do it on line.It has been the same with buiding societies,utilities etc.You dont realise how many people you have to tell.The worst was DVLA who eventually decided I had lost my driving licence.No. But the best thing about moving is being close to family.Emily and Ruby came round after school yesterday and we have been round for tea tonight.It feels good knowing if we have any problems Sarah is just around the corner. The other bonus is that we love the new house.It is so quiet after our previous house which was by a main road.


  1. I'm pleased you are moved at last and you are happy with your new home but yes moving is a nightmare and even when you think you have told everyone your new address a couple of years down the line you realise that you haven't. Enjoy settling in .

  2. Moving is so hard but being by family is a blessing. Stay safe.

  3. Glad you got settled in your new to you house. We've been in the same house for 31 years. Our daughter was gone for 10 months and now back with two rooms to be in. Sleep and work. I'm glad your daughter and her husband are close by. Drinking tea together is fun. I enjoy drinking tea. Thanks for commenting on my blog. 😀🌷