Tuesday, 15 February 2022

I am delighted to say that I have got my money back.

 A couple of weeks ago I put a post on saying that I had been scammed by. “policeman “ to the tune of  almost £20.000.I heard last week that the bank had recovered the first £10.000 but the second lot went to an independent bank.That they haven’t been able to get back from them but gave it me from their scam fund.They admitted that they had not warned me it might be a scam and had not shown a duty of care.It has been a wretched time me feeling gullible (but it was all very plausible)and also what a waste of my hard earned money.Anyway I have got it back but it has made me very nervous.It has also made me feel old and vulnerable.There are some evil people around.

The first thing I am going to do is to put £1,000 into each of my five grandchildren’s savings accounts for university (or whatever).

Back soon with a brighter post.



  1. I'm so very glad it's been sorted. Sending love. xxx

  2. What a feeling of relief you must feel. I am very pleased that you got it all back xx

  3. Thank goodness for that! what a relief for you, don't blame yourself these evil people are very clever. xx

  4. So thrilled you have your money back and like what you plan to do with part of it!

    Yesterday I met a friend (like me she's heading fast to 80!) for lunch and was shocked when she told me how she was scammed also. A few weeks ago she was checking her bank accounts and found her checking account had a $75 balance when there should have been around $400. On calling the bank she discovered they had also moved almost $5,000 from her savings into checking to cover the check "she had written" NOT for $4,980.00!!! Long story short, there is a way these despicable thieves are able to take a check you've written and given to someone, use a machine to erase everything you've written except your signature, and add another payee (it was a foreign name), amount, new date etc. Of course the police, FBI, bank fraud people etc. are all working on the case, and thankfully the bank has restored the money to her account and apologized that they didn't do what they should have done. She and her daughters have spent over 3 weeks going crazy with all this. The only checks she wrote and handed to people were to her plumber, cleaning woman - of many years, and someone else, forget who that was!

    So sad that we elderly people especially seem to bear the brunt of these criminals. Nothing is safe these days that's for sure.
    Hugs - stay safe and be well.
    Mary -

  5. I'm so pleased to hear this, how fortunate you are. There isn't a week goes by when I don't get a phone call or email saying I need to contact someone urgently regarding my Amazon Account or my Ebay account. Of course they want me to log on via their new link so they can then access all my bank details.

  6. Very pleased to hear that you haven't lost any money, its a good idea to pass some on now. What is upsetting about these scams is how they leave people feeling vulnerable. Take care:)

  7. Oh No, I've just read about this and felt sick for you. I'm glad to hear that you aren't left out of pocket.