Thursday, 5 November 2015

Snowflakes for the Homestart Appeal

 I heard about this appeal from Claire at Summerhouse by the Sea.Homestart is a British charity that supports young families.They are aiming to get 30,000 snowflakes and these will be displayed at the Christmas Handmade Fair in Manchester at the end of November.They will then be given to families to hang on their Xmas trees.
They are fun and quick to make.I used Lucy's of Attic 24's pattern.I have made 30 so far.I blocked them when they were finished and put spray starch on them to give them a bit more body.

Is it just me or are people not blogging as often as they used to?

Sunday, 4 October 2015

My Latest Project!

I have really enjoyed making this wreath.At the moment the flowers and leaves are just pinned on but I wanted to share it with you.My thanks must go to Lucy at Attic24 for the patterns.I find following crochet patterns quite difficult as I am left handed but Lucy's are so clear and are taken step by step.The flowers and leaves are going a wreath made of twigs bought from Hobbycraft for,I think, £2.50.This makes it a really cheap project as you are just using up scraps of wool.
Give it a go.Its good fun and would make a great present.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Would you be brave enough to eat fungi found in your garden?

 We moved into this house almost a year ago.It was built 30 years ago and when it was built there were five large trees in the garden,all with TPOs(tree preservation orders).During that time three have gone and we are left with two huge trees,a beech and a horse chestnut.Around the garden are rotting tree roots from the other three and this is where we found the fungi.The one on the left started off looking like the one on the right,egg shaped but on maturity has flattened out.Initially we thought it was a Common Puffball but now think it might be a Parasol Mushroom.My book says they are edible and delicious but I would never dare to try it!!
 Isn't the underside beautiful?
 This is our beech tree.You can see the size in relation to the conservatory.
This is our horse chestnut.Our garden is littered with empty conker shells as the local squirrels are hoarding them away.
We can do nothing with the trees(wouldn't want to as they are amazing) without permission from the local authority.If anyone knows about these fungi I would welcome some info.

Sunday, 27 September 2015


 This weekend I went to Yarndale in Skipton,Yorkshire ,UK.This is organised by the lovely Lucy from Attic24.A wonderful feast of yarn and creativity.
 Two years ago ,when it started,we were asked to send in crocheted triangles to make bunting.They came in from all over the world.Here they are again for all to see.
 This year was a different challenge.Flowers.All in aid of the Alzeimers Society.The effect was stunning and took your breath away/
I was in there over three hours and made a few purchases but walking round the stalls and seeing the things that people do and create is amazing.
I like to buy thingsI would not buy else where.The above yarn is for making brooches(left),very fine linen and the other two for scarves.The colours do not come across very well.The one on the right I said to the vendor was "zingy" and she thought that was a good word to describe it.
I also bought an owl shawl pin.I now just need to find some time to create and make.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

I havn't blogged in ages......

 I havn't blogged in ages because I just couldn't load any photos.I would spend ages doing a blog post and then it would disappear.So frustrating.I only had this machine new in January!!!Eventually it went off to the computer doctor and came back this morning.She had removed 484 infected spyware files!She thought they may have come in when I downloaded crochet/knitting patterns.Mended now.
A short blog today.Photos of my latest bit of crocheting.Cushions for on our new sofas.I think they look really good and are so quick and simple to do.It is a Stylecraft pattern and uses DK yarn used double.
 Here in different colours.It gobbles up the yarn but is so easy.
 I am still sock making.When C was really bad with his Rheumatoid Arthritis he found hand knitted socks easier to put on.I am glad to report on that front that he is now on medication and almost back to normal.
Finally,a photo of my bougainvillea.Isn't it great.I thought it had died over winter and then suddenly this.
We are off to France on Thursday but will try to get another post in before then.Its lovely to be back in Blogland!!!

Friday, 6 March 2015

we have a diagnosis

C Sorry this is a bit of a moan but I need to get it off my chest.was summoned to the doctors this afternoon following his blood tests yesterday.He has got acute rheumatoid arthritis and has been referred to see a rheumatologist urgently.At first I was relieved it wasn't Parkinson's but this is still going to have a big impact on his life and mine.At the moment I am feeling really down.He has had six years of various medical conditions and now this.Our friends all seem to be going through life without any problems.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Our trip to Madeira

 These are some of the flowers we saw in the Botanic Garden.This was reached by cable car.It is not the best time of the year to visit Madeira but we still saw a lot of wonderful sights and had much better weather than we had anticipated.

                                         Weird looking cacti.The tall droopy thing is the flower!!
                                          Strange looking fruit /veg!!
 We had a great week and it was so good to feel the sun on your face.It rained for ten minutes when we arrived but that was all.Sunshine hours varied each day but was enough.
This was taken at the hotel just before we left for the airport hence the long trousers.We had to be prepared for the cold of NW England and then home in N Wales.

We have been back two weeks now and I have only just found time to do this blog.We were only back two days when our Cambridge family came to stay for four days.I couldn't believe how much food we went through!!!Since then it has been catching up with all the washing etc.

In Funchal duty free shop we bought some wine which we put in our rucksack and C carried.Following this he has had pain in his neck ,knees,hands,shoulders and arms.We put this down to carrying the wine but last Friday he had a funny episode.His hands had been swollen and he had trouble getting his wedding ring off.We went out for the evening and when we came back he couldn't get out of the car.Eventually he managed it and I got him upstairs but he couldn't undress himself.His hands were so painful and sswollen and his whole body was stiff and aching.It frightened the life out of me.I didn't sleep.I had checked he hadn't got a temperature(he has no spleen).Saturday morning he could move a bit better and today just has tingling in his hands.I am insisting he goes to the doctor tomorrow to find out what happened(if he can get an appointment).I don't want to go through that again and neither does he.Fingers crossed it was a virus and not the start of something more serious.