Thursday, 17 May 2018

I am so frustrated!

I cannot get any photos onto my blog.I wanted to show you what I won in Josie Kittens giveaway.Helen raised over £8,000 for the British Heart Foundation in memory of her late husband who died of a heart attack.I was one of the lucky winners .I was so excited to get a squishy parcel an
D on opening it discovered 26 mini skeins of yarn.Yes 26!They are 15 g and are variegated sock yarn.There are five matching pairs so I could make a pair of socks.Any ideas with those and the rest.Granny squares? LIttle toys,?
I so wanted to show you my haul.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

SUe.Cottage at the end of the lane

Thinking about you at this very sad time.

Monday, 23 April 2018

A busy week.

 On Tuesday we went to our Art Appreciation Group where one of the members gave a talk on Fernand Leger ,a French painter.He lived from 1881 until 1955.HE was known as a cubist and sometimes a tub it's as he often painted limbs as tubes.Alan gave a very interesting talk with lots of images for us to look at.
Members take it in turn to give talks(not me!).My OH is doing the June presentation when he will give a talk on Goya.
From this I raced to the dentists for a filling.In the morning someone had suggested Steak Night at Wetherspoons .Delicious steak in good company ,seven of us ,and no cooking.
Our daughter was one week on from her hand operation so we went over to take her out to a garden centre for lunch.Her first time out.The hand is healing nicely but she can't drive yet and another two weeks off work.We then did our usual school pick up and tea for the grandchildren and us.We were shattered when we got back home.
Thursday was my Reading Group.We were discussing Rough Music by Patrick Gale.Most of us felt it was not his best book.I bought C a ukulele for his birthday in December and he has really taken to it.He has joined the U3A band and had his first gig on Thursday which he really enjoyed.Playing in your first band at 76!!!!
On Friday morning I always meet a friend for coffee and we put the world to rights  and then in the evening it was Quiz Night.It was really had but we came joint second which was a good result.
Saturday was coffee in the morning with friends and then gardening in he afternoon.
On Sunday we had a long phone hat with our granddaughter who has just come back from seven weeks travelling in Laos,Cambodia,Vietnam and Thailand.

I have had a nice quiet day today pottering in the garden and reading.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Easter weekend.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.We tend to stay off the roads as it can be very busy with people heading to the coast.Saturday we had coffee with friends which lasted more than two hours as some left and more came,
Yesterday we were invited to our daughter's for lunch.We had already left Easter eggs for Emily and Ruby but went with other gifts.A jigsaw for them to do over the school holiday,flowers for Sarah and treats for her and Mike.I also took some primula a for them to plant in the garden.Sarah has been feeling down lately and I thought a bit of gardening may cheer her up.A couple of months ago she had flu followed by pneumonia and didn't stay off work long enough to recover properly,in fact less than a week.She is a Type 1 diabetic and has been since she was four so everything is more complicated.She is gong to hospital next week to have two ops on her right hand.She has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Duputrens Contracture.Hopefully they can be done under local anaesthetic.Yesterday she seemed a lot brighter.I think she has just been exhausted.She is s Primary Scool teacher.We had a lovely day .Mike cooked a super meal and we spent all afternoon playing games and laughing a lot.I do worry about Sarah and her health.

Today we woke up to snow!Three inches of it.I am really fed up with this weather but hopefully it is supposed to get better later this week.
Do you worry about your children ? How do men not worry.I wish I knew the secret.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

My latest knitting project.

These are my latest pair of socks.The yarn is Stylecraft Head over Heels,shade Ingleborough.It is a great colour way.Very bright and jazzy which C likes.
WHat a gorgeous day it has been today.After last weekends snow we actually sat out in the garden.C mowed ad scarified the lawns and I did odd bits and bobs.We are trying to get the garden into as easy a job as we can.Having three huge trees doesn't help.We are still raking up leaves from last Autumn.There is very little soil as we are all roots making it very uneven and with no depth.
I need a new knitting project.Any suggestions welcome.I have done so many pairs of socks,umpteen scarves and shawls and don't fancy tackling a jumper or cardigan.I have run out of ideas!!!!

Monday, 19 March 2018

I have managed a photo!!!

At long last I have managed to load a photo.I hope I can do it again.
This is the latest project of mine.It is a kit by White Willow stitching and is called "Tribal Owl".This is what the completed owl looks like.I am about half way there and really enjoying doing it because it is simple with only four colours.I bought the cross stitch chart and then bought the threads.
watch this space for more photos to come.(fingers crossed).

Thursday, 15 March 2018

My reading group.

It was my reading group this morning.This month's book was Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant.There was an element of sadness today because one of our members died a couple of weeks ago.She was only 71.We are part of Flintshire U3A and our reading group was one of the first groups to be formed.We realised today that we have been going for 16 years!!!!Unbelievable.The first book we read was Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson.Apart from the first couple of months the group has stayed the same.Three have now died.One aged 85 and another 91 both very sharp till the very end.I think it is amazing that for 16 years we have kept it going.Two replacements have fitted in very well and after all these years we still have great discussions.It is definitely a discussion group and not an excuse just for a natter!!! next month is Rough Music by Patrick Gale. MAy Under a Pole Star Stef Penny June The Wonder Emma Donohue July Bird Cage Walk Helen Dunmore August Whatever you Love Louise Doughty September Homeland Clare Francis Are you in a reading group and can you give me some good recommendations?The eight of us,now ,seven all choose a book for the next seven months.