Saturday, 14 October 2017

A lovely weekend.

last weekend we had our family get together.We all met up for a pub lunch in Tutbury.It was mid afternoon before we moved off.C and I had spotted an adventure playground that was suitable for older children so this is where we headed.Matt and Jude walked their dog,Ozzy,by the river Dove and we stayed with Sarah and Mike,their two children and Matt's three.We are 11 in all ranging in age from Ruby at 9 and Grandpa at 75.The rain started about 4 pm so we went and booked in at our hotel.This was  The Boars Head at Draycott in the Clay about 9 miles from Ashbourne in Derbyshire.This a great venue as they have a lounge for residents which is great for us.Before and after dinner we played various games and battered and joked etc.There is always a lot of laughter when we get together.Sunday morning we went to Sudbury Museum of Childhood before heading off in different directions.We decided to have circuitous drive home going via Matlock,Bakewell Buxton and Congleton and then back home to N.E.Wales.To be honest we were a little disappointed with the scenery but living in North Wales we are spoiled.

this weekend is another busy one.This morning we met four friends for coffee and this afternoon we have been to the cinema to see God's Own Country.Pizza for tea and then Strictly Come Dancing.Tomorrow it is Open Day at Theatr Clwyd and as I have never been backstage I really fancy going.(We usually clean on a Sumday morning but it can wait).Tomorrow afternoon we are going to Ness Gardens where there is a free lecture on Parkgate(on the Wirral).It is a fascinating place where we often walk and then have lunch.Monday I am meeting a friend for coffee.Cis at his French group.Tuesday morning one of our closest friends is giving a talk on Artists from St Ives in Cornwall for our U3A Art Appreciation Group and then we are at the cinema again at 5pm to see Victoria and Abdul.Thursday back at Theatr Clwyd( where the Film Theatre is) to see The Rise and Fall of Little Voice!!

When am I going to find any time to knit???!!!!

Friday, 6 October 2017

One jumper down.....two to go.

 I finished this jumperyesterday.It is a nice easy pattern to do watching TV.
 I put this photo in to show the cable pattern on the cuffs and it is round the neck as well but it has not really worked.
Feeling flush with my success I decided I would make another jumper.Recently opened about twenty minutes away is the online supplier smdknitting www.knitting only do they do online they have a shop as well.You will all know how difficult it is choosing yarn on line.The colours are never true.So,along I go with the intention of choosing one of the above but of course I couldn't decide so bought both!!Plus some very fetching yarn in the counter for a shawl.Cinnamon and olive are the two colours/So I am going to be kepy busy.

I have not blogged for a while because we have been away.We had a week self catering in Northern France and then an all inclusive week in Spain.I much preferred France.It was too hot in Spain and we ate and drank too much.As you can see fro my photo I put on weight and I can't shift it.I am feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment but am hoping a day with my family tomorrow will cheer me up.We are meeting near Ashbourne in Derbyshire at lunchtime and then having a night in an hotel.Matt and his family are coming from Cambridge,Sarah and family from Cheshire and us from North Wales.Eleven of us all together.It doesn't happen very often.I will report back on Monday.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Two finished projects......well almost!!!

 I have so much yarn I decided I needed to do something.I was visiting Helsies Happenings blog and she pictured a blanket she had made.I loved the design but it is Helsies!!It is very effective.Not finished because I need to do a border.What am I going to do with it?Keep it but donate another four blankets made in the past,to a Syrian project.
This is finished .A shawlette which can be worn as a shawl or tied round the back to make a shrug.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Hurricane Irma

What a dreadful situation in the Caribbean and now in Florida.Our son worked in the British Virgin Islands for a year and we went out to visit him.Beautiful islands and now a scene of devastation.We went to an island called Jost van Dyke.Foxy had a shack and he would sing calypso to you.I lay on the beach in a hammock next to the turquoise with a glass of proper lemonade just listen
Ing to the sea.For a long time afterwards,and still do,if I can't sleep I imagine I am lying in that hammock.I found photos yesterday and the damage is terrible.All the islands and others like Barbuda rely on tourism.What is going to happen now.Because our son worked in Road Town on Tortola we used to mix with the locals in the evening.Lovely,lovely people.
I think,perhaps,if you have been to the place affected it seems more real.I have been really very sad this weekend and it is now hitting Florida .I follow Meredith's blog and keep wondering how she and her family are in Florida.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Family and a week inFrance.

 We had a lovely time with our family in Cambridge.It was great to spend time with the grandchildren.We saw Angus playing football as part of his Norwich City training and were delighted when he was awarded Player of the Week.I think I cheered a little too loudly!!We also spent time with Ella and Finlay(both taller than me now).We played cards,table tennis and just chatted.Great.
 From Cambridge we went to Folkstone and caught the train to Calais.Euro Tunnel is so slick.We had hired a gite and these are photos of where it was situated.Very peaceful.Not a sound to be heard.
 We had a day in Belgium looking at World War  1 things mainly in Ypres.This is a photo of the Menin Gate.It is dedicated to British and Commonwealth soldiers and whose graves are unknown.
From Ypres we went to Tyne Cot cemetery.It is the largest cemetery for Commonwealth forces in the world and is avery sober and moving experience.There are 11,965 buried here of which 8,000 are unnamed.We then visited the Passchendale Museum.Dugouts and trenches had been re created.

As I said a very moving experience.We are back home now and doing our normal things.Off ,this afternoon ,tp ick Ruby up from school and wait for Emily to come in from Secondary school.

Hope you are all well and do popin just to say "Hello".Love Barbaraxx

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Making decisions!

As I get older I am finding it harder to make decisions.I have never been very decisive but find now that I dilly and dally.For example.We are going to spend two nights in Cambridge this week where our son and family love,en route to a week in Northern France .Do we stay with Matt?Do we book into the Premier Inn ?If we stay with them Fin has to move out of his room into a bunk bed with Angus.He only has a double bed and we are used to king size.Both C and myself always need the toilet in the night plus I have a tickle cough.Will we disturb everyone?Decisions,decisions.Eventually I decided Premier Inn wins.We get a better sleep and no one gets disturbed .
DO you find t difficult to be decisive.This is just one small example of my indecision.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

What a busy few days!

Monday morning saw our daughter and her two daughters arrive in Mold-chez nous- for two nights.We soon set off for Llangollen going via the Horseshoe Passwhich is pretty spectacular.Into Llangollen ,visited the Wharf ,a World Heritage site, then the Art Exhibition,lunch overlooking the River Dee and then onto Froncysyllte Aqueduct.This is the tallest navigable aqueduct in the world!!After that we called at Valle Crucis Abbey and then home to recover.
Tuesday saw us off to Conway.C,Sarah,Emily and Ruby walked the walls,another WH site,looked at Edward the Firsts Conway castle,went in the Smallest House in GB,home via Llandudno and then out to eat at night.
Wednesday was a walk around our local market,a quick lunch and then off to try and find Emily school shoes.She is 12 and I can remember this when Sarah was 12.She kept saying "sorry Mum" for what she put me through!We failed and S ended up going into Chester to Schuh where she was successful.
Today.A level results.As some of you know our eldest granddaughter has had a difficult nine months suffering from depression etc.At one point we didn't think she would even do her A levels but she did and she got 3 As and 1C and has had her place at Manchester University confirmed for Sept 2018.She is having a year out ,working to earn some money and do some travelling.Phew ,what a relief.Plus, the bonus is that she will only be an hour away from us so we will,hopefully,see a lot more of her.Now she is four hours away.She is going to do American Studies.

I shall sleep well tonight.!!!