Wednesday, 5 September 2018

This week so far.

 On Monday we felt like a bit of a walk so went to Errdig NT for a stroll round the gardens.We didn't bother with the house as we have been many times.On the way back we went to visit a village I wanted to see and then got hopelessly lost...
Last night we went to Theatr Clwyd to see Duet for One.It was a two hander.How do they remember all those lines?
Today we have been to Northwich to look after tEmily and Ruby after school and do tea.Lots of news about new classes and teachers.All great.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Isn't this great?

My OH and our youngest granddaughter ,Ruby, playing ukulele together.I bought C this ukulele for his birthday last December and he has loved it.He has tried to learn guitar in the past but found it difficult.Our local U3A has a "Music live" group which he has joined. They have 4 or 5 guitarists,one mandolin,two ukuleles ,African drummers and three singers.They play Beatles songs,Lonnie Donnegan and folk songs and other things they have composed.They play gigs to care groups,over 50 s clubs,care homes etc.He is having the time of his life!
We were looking after Emily and Ruby yesterday.Ruby plays recorder ,clarinet and oboe but they have a ukulele so when we were there they were playing together.How great is that.( I must say Em and myself did get a bit fed up with repetition!)
This was followed by a trip to the cinema to see "Incredibles 2",a film about Super Heroes!!!A little bit out of my comfort zone but I actually quite enjoyed it.With all the gloom and doom that is around it was good to escape for a couple of hours.
We had a great day.Mummy was having a spa day with two colleagues before term starts on Monday.
P.S.We also enjoyed Mamma Mia 2,another bit of escapism.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Kerria japonica.

Do any of you in the UK have this shrub in your garden .I always considered it a toughie but two of mine have died this year.It seems,according to the RHS ,that it is being attacked and perishing.What a shame.They provided welcome yellow in the Spring.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Forgot the text!

I was so excited to have posted some photos I forgot to put any text.A friend showed me a toy she had made from “Edward’s Menagerie”.They are crocheted so I thought I would have a go.I am thrilled with the lion but the fox( yes,it is supposed to be a fox!) was a little more tricky.I have also done a rabbit and an elephant.
The blanket is the one I made from the mini skeins I won in a giveaway.

My latest makes


Monday, 20 August 2018

Help !

For the last two hours I have been faffing around trying to find out why I cannot load photos onto my blog.Not from phone or from my I pad.
Can someone help me?

Sunday, 29 July 2018

5 hours at Eurotunnel!!!

We rearranged the holiday we had to cancel a few weeks ago and were booked to go on Eurotunnel yesterday morning.After problems on Friday we had an email on Saturday morning saying to turn up as normal.We started queuing on the M20 at 10.25am and finally boarded a train at 3.40 pm.What a farce.There were lots of families with young children.No Eurotunnel employees to help.The whole place was totally gridlocked with no one going anywhere.I had a glass of rose and got out my knitting!!!
We finally arrived at our cottage at 7pm.Now to relax for a week and then face it all again next Saturday(hopefully not,fingers crossed because we then have a six hour drive in Britain to home).

I have brought lots of things to do.Shawl elephant to crochet(from Edward's Menagerie),a cross stitch picture to for my granddaughter who is going to Uni inSeptember,four books to read ,magazines and a puzzle book.Maybe ,I will not manage it all!!!!