Saturday, 22 August 2020

Is it really 5 weeks since I did a post?

We are in strange times.We have sold our house(hopefully) and are moving to be nearer our daughter and family.We feel we are in limbo.We are moving from a four bedroomed house to a two bedroom bungalow with fitted wardrobes.We have so much furniture toget rid of but daren't do it until everything is completed.We are giving it away hopefully a young person will have it.Yesterday we cleaned all the kitchen cupboards and lined them so less cleaning when moving day comes. We have lived in our market town for 48 years so the move ,although only 40 minutes away ,will be a big thing for us.We hope we will be able to help Sarah out as her husband cannot drive until next April following his brain tumour operation.As we get older it will be good to be closer. Never used this new Blogger before so no photos.

Friday, 10 July 2020


From last Monday here in Wales we were allowed to travel more than 5 miles and also National Trust gardens were opened .We had to pre book which we did for Tuesday afternoon.Tuesday afternoon came and it was raining!!! but we still went.It was amazing to get out into the real world and we really enjoyed our wet afternoon at Erddig.

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Problems.Help needed .

I cannot load any photos onto my blog.I don't seem to be able to upload them from my phone.Can anyone help me please?Barbarax

Friday, 3 July 2020

We have made a big decision.

We have decided to put our house on the market and if we can sell move nearer to our daughter and family.You will maybe remember about our son in law having a brain tumour removed in February.He seemed to be doing so well and then developed post operative epilepsy.His right arm goes numb for a few minutes then it passes.We hope his future is good but do not know.They live forty minutes away from us which isn't a long way but as we get older and need more help it would be easier for Sarah if we were closer.Everyone round here seems to have family very close.We used to have a great social life.Eleven of us going out eating together.Two years ago two of the couples moved south to be near their families.One of the group has dementia.It is a really tough call to make.We have lived in our little market town for 48 years.We belong to lots of u3a groups ,have good neighbours and friends.Should we move while we are still fit enough and join a new u3a and make new friends.All the above is churning in our minds.
Anyway, the house will be on the market next week.The agents reckon it is a good time to sell( they would) and there will be a depressed market in Sept /Oct when we hear of more closures and redundancies.Since we made the decision Airbus have announced 1,600 plus job losses with the knock on effect making even more closures so the chances of selling are probably zilch.

What would you do in our situation?Move near to Sarah so if there are more problems with Mike we are there or are we giving up too much.We need a crystal ball.

Sunday, 7 June 2020

The Beekeeper of Aleppo

I can recommend this book by Christy Lefteri.Nuri is a beekeeper,his wife an artist.They live in Aleppo until they are forced to flee.
Did anyone see the series Unprecedented on BBC 4?There are 3 x10 minutes playlets filmed during lockdown.Some funny,some poignant.I think there are three episodes.

Common sense prevailed and we did not meet up with the family.Since March 13th I have been in two garden centres and two garage shops to get a paper.All masked and gloved.I have not been in a supermarket or pharmacy or anywhere else.My OH has not been in any .

Yesterday I had a "down" day.It was cold and wet and seemed to go on forever.I am much better today.We have had What's App chats with two of our granddaughters and our daughter..The girls who are 12 and 15!have really got into cooking and baking during lockdown and have really become much closer.We then had a chat with our son in Cambridge and one of his sons.These family chats really perk me up.

Over the last week our county  has only had two or three cases every day.Surely that is easy to track and trace.
A new week coming up .If it warms up friends can visit in the garden.That will be good.
Stay safe.Barbarax

Thursday, 28 May 2020

I am a little bit worried....

The last two years I have paid for a private health check up.This year they are not doing it because their nurses are involved with Covid 19 but they did offer a package of tests.They send you a package which contains three phials plus lancets to prick your finger,wipes etc.It arrived yesterday so after lunch we decided to give it a go.I just could not get the blood to flow.Eventually I think I got enough?The instructions were not clear at all.Now I have to wait for the results.Do I really want to know that I have got Type 2 diabetes,liver failure(drinking far too much wine at the moment and the odd g&t),kidney problems and a host of other things.
What do you think?Is it better to know or better to be ignorant when I could die of Covid anyway.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.
Results in three days,