Thursday, 1 October 2009

Back from France

This is St Valery sur Somme.A lovely little place.We stayed 3 nights near here.
How about this for a piece of sculpture at the entrance to the town.

When we were in Amiens we visited the Thiepval memorial(above and below).It is so moving to see all the names engraved on the memorial.Names of men whose bodies were never found.It really is a very moving place to visit and having just read Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks it really brought it home to me.

This is the view of Amiens cathedral from our bedroom window.We spent 2 nights here.
We had glorious weather all the time we were away.
When we got back I had a parcel from the Posh Yarn sock,one from the Violet Green sock club and the "box".Very exciting.


  1. I've joined the Violet Green sock club too! Only the three month one though. Did you get the paradigm sock pattern?

  2. Argh, third try at leaving a comment(it could be me though). I just wanted to say let me know what you think of the sock club as I have hesitated to join anything else after our last shared experience!