Tuesday, 6 October 2009


More socks.Violet Green sock club wool from a few months ago but I used my own pattern.Just recieved the latest pattern and yarn from them.Not so sure about the pattern.
A pair of socks I also finished at the weekend.I did most of the knitting on the way to and from France.This is Regia yarn.

This is a scarf I finished at the weekend.It is in Poshyarn 2ply cashmere.Itwas supposed to be for a friend but I might keep it for myself.It is sooo soft.

Since getting back from France life has been quite busy.Apart frm social things we have been busy finishing off our loft bedroom,well,C has.So many decisions have to be made about carpets,beds,shelving,bookcases etc for a room that will have only occasional use.He is also going to use it as a studio to paint in.He dabbles in watercolours but is desperate to try oils and acrylics but I hate the smell so if he can do it "up there " then that's ok.

Friday afternoon I got together with a group of ladies who I have met through a magazine and we have formed a new book group which will meet once a month in our nearest Borders.So, I am now in 2 book groups.I also review books for a magazine called newbooksmag and I currently have 2 reviews to write.I have read the books so just have to put pen to paper.One is not being published until Feb next year.

Tomorrow we are off to see and look after our little girls for a couple of hours.There was great excitement on Friday when Emily brought home her first reading book.Ruby was saying "Grandma" down the phone and kissing the phone, which I could hear ,earlier!

Thursday evening we are going to the theatre to see "The Glass Menagerie".


  1. You have been busy! Love the scarf not sure I would want to part with it either. Who are you knitting your socks for? They look really warm and lovely. I like some of the Violet green patterns, the baby beanstalk one was lovely to knit it was just the yarn I used was 50/50 merino / tencel and I thought the tencel stopped the yarn being 'springy' enough to hold the socks up properly!

  2. Love the scarf! Is the pattern one of your own? I'm not sure about the paradigm either but it's a sock so I'll give it a go!