Monday, 18 January 2010

Feeling better

I have made this bracelet from a kit that my daughter bought me for Xmas and feel really pleased with it.The photo isn't too good but when you are oncrutches life is a little more difficult!

Sarah sent me beads in my Xmas box so I am now ready to get beading with those.

I have finally started my first square for the Debbie Abrahams Mysyery blanket and have 2 weeks to complete all 4 before the next batch arrives.

I am definitely feeling better.I had my staples out today,all 46 of them!!!My leg and foot are still very swollen and bruised but this it appears is quite normal.I am still having problems sleeping but a G&T helps.

I am feeling really happy tonight because I have re established contact with my only god daughter.We always exchange Xmas cards but nothing else.My OH and I were good friends of E's mum and dad but unfortunately mum became alcoholicand died and dad did not seem to want contact.I n this year's card E said she had had a baby.I promptly sent off a present and photos of our family and tonight I had a long reply plus photos of her,herhusband and the baby.Now we have e mail contact it will be so much better sending theodd message and photo.Good news.


  1. Fantasic news! I was wondering how long you would be away from us, good to have you back and in good form! Love the bracelet! Am glad to hear the rest of the news as well. I have looked at the Debbie Abrahams group on Ravelry and also Stash basket blog has pictures of her squares, they look lovely - I wish I had been able to sign up this year but I look forward to watching yours grow. Keep up the G&T if it works - so long as it doesn't affect the knitting ;)

  2. Congrats on getting back in touch with your god daughter. Your bracelet is beautiful - I'm so impressed.

    I'm working slowly through the crab intarsia first square for the DA blanket and need to get a wiggle on to get the others sorted.

  3. Love that bracelet! I really must have a go at beading - I always think it looks so complicated and it puts me off. I loved the look of the DA blanket but just couldn't justify the cost - not with the size of my stash!!