Monday, 25 January 2010

Cross stitch

I bought this cross stitch kit before Xmas.I have already done a large alphabet one and thought itwould be a good idea to do another large project while I was laid up.OMG- it is huge!!!The thinking was that I could do it a room at a time.How long it will take me to do I have no idea.
It has been great that the Australian Open tennis is on every morning so I have been watching that.I am sure you are all thinking how great -all that free time but there is a lot of pain going with it!!I am trying to get out and about.After physio today C dropped me at a local coffee shop where I met a friend and had a good natter.I was told by physio that I can use just one crutch inside which means I can carry things but still use two outside for another 4 weeks.It is written in big letters on the calendar when I can start driving again.
I have finished my first 4 squares for the mystery blanket but one is definitely not a square but a rectangle.
I am just about to finish reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy.Has anyone seen the film?I have penfriends all over the world and I have just discovered that one in Arizona has just published her first novel .I ordered it from Amazon and can't wait to read it knowing the author.

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  1. I knew it wouldn't be as easy as it sounds, a few of my beading ladies have had the same op as you and it does take longer than you think to heal! A couple of things I have learned from them are: - do your exercises as you are instructed even if it is difficult (speedier to be back on your feet)and don't rush the driving (if it hurts then leave it a bit longer)I know that sounds hard as well but better to be safe than sorry! All of that aside, I am glad to hear you are back to going out again! Good luck with the cross stitch - it could take a while!