Monday, 11 January 2010

my op

I went infor my op last Sunday.Monday morning I was all gowned up and ready to go to theatre when I heard my name.I thought it was a porter come to take me down but it was the consultant telling me the op was off,again, because "poor theatre management had not provided the correct sterile instruments".I was gutted!! He promised me it would be on Wednesday which it was ,eventually after enough theatre staff and the surgeon managed to get in through the snow.I came home on Friday and until today felt good.My whole leg is one big bruise!!Not a pretty sight at all.Hopefully I have now hit the bottom and will continue to improve each day.
Hope you are all well.I havn't musteredtoo much enthusiasm for craft work yet but did do some beading this morning.


  1. Oh that must have been the worst thing - I was thinking about you especially with all the weather! Good to have you back with us again and I look forward to hearing your progress. Beading is good (if you need more supplies just ask), I am sure you will be back to knitting again soon! Anything I can do please ask (as long as it doesn't require a car I am available). Take good care of yourself, Sx

  2. Oh I'm so glad it finally went ahead. As you hadn't been around recently I kind of assumed it had and I was thinking of you - hope it's not too sore and that you're up and about again soon.

    Take care - Allison

  3. Hope you're starting to feel better and you feel like knitting again. Time to treat yourself perhaps to some yummy new yarn :)

    Take care - Claire