Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I am developing muscles and skills that I didn't know were possible while C is on his "no lifting,stretching etc "regime.Today I used an electric saw for the first time in my life.We are having the outside of our cement rendered house painted and the painter couldn't get his ladder on the gable end.A big shrub had to go.He had the loppers but I had the saw.It was great fun but I think I will ache tomorrow!
We went to Chester shopping yesterday,the first time since December(because of my knee op).C bought loads of clothes in M&S but guess who had to carry them!Didn't buy anything for myself but today I have bought some red shoes from Clarks.I love red shoes.
We had a nice surprise yesterday.Our son texted to say he is coming up from Cambridge this weekend with our 3 grandchildren to stay.his wife,who hasn't worked for 9 years has been given a project to do which will help her back into H.R and she needs time to get it done.It works out well in that C has a painting in a local exhibition so they can all go and see it.He has never exhibited before so it will be interesting to see if it sells.
I still havn't worked out how to put photos on here but will do soon.


  1. I thought the wools shop might give you cause for excitement! It is up of the rows - we went up at the Boodle & Dunthorne / Office shoes end and then carried on around the corner - it is along that side somewhere between mozimo shoes and Austin Reid (not as far as that though). It has 2 floors - upstairs has all the good stuff though, downstairs is mostly bulk balls and baby wool! There is loads of socks yarn and Noro yarn and lots of other lovelies. I will need to go back for 2 more skeins of the Debbie Bliss silk as the yardage is not enough for me to do much but it is a lovely pale blue and so soft! Dave went outside so I could go back upstairs and get it - there is only so much looking at yarn for him! Hope you get a chance to visit soon. Enjoy your weekend too.

  2. I love red shoes too - I have several pairs and I always feel 'stylish' when I have them on. One pair is looking a little shabby so I think it is maybe time for a new pair ....

  3. I used to have a pair of red shoes that I loved - haven't had any red shoes for ages now - but I've suddenly started to think about a red pair:)