Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Computer problems

I had some lovely photos to show you of the garden and also of our trip today to Tatton but this new computer will not allow me to upload photos at the moment.

Our daughter doesn't usually work on a Wednesday but had been given an extra little job to do some marking.We volunteered to look after Ruby.We took her to Tatton (National Trust)in Cheshire.After a go in the play area we went into the gardens which are looking lovely but don't have much appeal to a 2 and a half year old.Then it was into the cafe for lunch which she gobbled down.We then went to the farm where there were a huge array of animals-pigs,goats,cows and calves,horses,sheep,hens, ducks ,rabbits etc(she was disappointed there were no elephants!)At the hatchery they had day old chicks and ducklings which we could handle.Ruby was terrific.She talks non stop and laughs all the time.We had a lovely day out and it's a pity I can't share the photos with you.

We are off to France in a week for a two week stay in a gite near la Rochelle.We are going Eurotunnel with our Tesco vouchers for the first time.On the way to Folkstone we are hoping to visit Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill and/or Knole both of which I want to see.I am gathering my collection of books together and also some crafty things.I havn't started my Debbie Abraham squares for this month.To be honest I am a bit disappoited with it.

Hopefully, tomorrow, when we are less tired we will work out the photos!!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day out at Tatton with your grandaughter - all those animals to see and hold:) How lovely to be off to France hope you have a great time - we've visted Knole but not Chartwell. Look forward to seeing some photos soon:)

  2. When you travel through Folkestone just wave generally at the town cos I'll be there :) Unless it's at the weekend when I'll be in Hythe.

    Hope you have a lovely holiday. We are National Trust members as well - must make effort to take kids to Bodiam Castle soon.