Saturday, 19 June 2010

Ness Gardens

We went to Ness Gardens on the Wirral yesterday.These are the University of Liverpool Botanic Gardens and we havn't been for a couple of years.They are wonderful and we are thinking of becoming Friends of Ness and paying the annual fee and then we can go anytime.The visit was somewhat spoiled by us noticing as we parked my C3 that something was hanging off the exhaust pipe!We hoped it was going to get us back home.
It did but it has been a "bad car week".People have "bad hair days" but we had this.On Monday the C3 went in for some bodywork repair.C was parked on a double yellow line and a van reversed onto the bonnet.It has been dented for months but we decided we would get it mended because we might sell it.£150.Tuesday we were out in the Meriva when we heard strange noises from the brakes.Back to the garage.New brake parts needed .£169.Yesterday the C3 needed a new silencer.£149.What a week.
Today we have had some sea air at Colwyn Bay.It was lovely and sunny but a cold wind.

I had photos to add but it won't play!

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  1. Poor You! Don't you just hate it when cars play up - it's so expensive!!!
    We went to Ness gardens a few weeks ago - it's such a beautiful place! I want to go to the production of Pride and Prejudice there in August.
    Love Kathy xxx