Tuesday, 27 July 2010

What a week.

We have been without a computer for nearly a week.awful.We bought a new laptop in March and it has never worked properly.We have been back umpteen times with it and finally it has been sent away for maybe upto 4 weeks!!It really isn't good enough.I think we got a friday afternnon one.I have been promising myself a netbook for ages so today I bought one and I'm back in business.

You perhaps remember me saying we were having work done on the loft to add a toilet and make the bedroom up there meet building regs.They should have started yesterday but it didn't happen because the man from planning didn't turn up.it should have started today but the builder arrived to say that planning wouldn't give him building regs approval without loads of extra work so home he went and it looks as though the whole thing is scrapped.We will just have to use it as storage.We are really upset because we had emptied the loft and brought everything downstairs.Now it will all have to go back.

We had Emily to stay for 2 nights last week.We went to chester to do our rhino hunt.She insisted on having a clipboard and keeping a tally.She is only just 5!We counted 22.We also had a boat ride on the River Dee.

On Friday we took Em back and then went to the RHS Flower Show at Tatton.(The tickets were a xmas present).We had a great day and i managed to walk round for 5 hours which was great.As this is a new computer I'm not sure how to put photos on but will try and put some on later.

It's great to be back!

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