Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Clearing the loft.

Clearing the loft is great.We are getting rid of so much stuff but there is lots we don't know what to do with.There is crockery that belonged to my grandparents,cups my mother won for playing tennis,memorabilia from our children etc.Sarah came over today to collect some things-well,4 bin bags full.Our grandaughter in Cambridge is 5 years older than our granddaughter in Northwich.All Ella's cast offs came here.All the bags were age sorted.There was one that was 5-6.When we opened it,it was full of Boden,Monsoon and Gap clothes!Emily is 5 and so they are just right.Sarah was so chuffed.
We have hundreds of books.To go on the keep pile I had to be able to say that either I would read it again or it might come up at one of my book groups.The rest are going to the Oxfam book shop in chester.
We went to see a film called Nightwatching last night about Rembrandt.It was a bit long at 2 and a quarter hours.It was interesting but a tad bizarre.I had my check up on my new knee yesterday and they are thrilled with my range of movement and my walking.I am too.I am trying to do a half hour walk every day to improve it even more and to lose some weight!! so,so difficult.


  1. Sounds like you've got yourself some serious extra space for stashing yarn now :)

    Well done on the knee - that's all down to your hard work and perseverance.

  2. It's strange how we hoard these things but then get to the stage where we have to wonder who will want them now? I have six children and a grandaughter so I'm hoping they'll start to collect their own things eventually! xx