Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Modern Home Doctor.

The Modern Home Doctor is the title of a book I found in the loft.It is well thumbed and dates from 1935.I remember it being in the family home.It is fascinating to read how things have changed or not changed.As I have mentioned before our daughter is an insulin dependent diabetic and has been since she was 4.This treatment for this has not changed at all.Testing methods and different types of insulin have moved on but we are no nearer to finding a cure than when insulin was first diagnosed.

There is a section on "boilermakers' deafness","chromium platers skin diseases","weavers' bottom","ironworkers' cataract" etc,etc.Fascinating.There is also a section on spas and recommended seaside resorts.Blackpool,Rhyl and Llandudno are in the list!

The funniest though was in the section on birth control.I quote.."complete abstention is neither practical nor healthy in conjugal life,although moderation is certainly desirable from a health point of view; in this respect twin beds are more hygienic".!!!

Thought you might find this interesting.A little pice of history.

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