Wednesday, 6 July 2011

It's coming along nicely.

I decided to follow Sarah's(Knit along with me) advice and crochet the squares together.I still have another 50 to add and some wool left.I do feel I have got rather addicted to making them!Other things are being neglected like housework.

Family things have settled down but we are still very worried about our daughter.I think the consultant saying to her last September about only living to 50 has had a profound effect on her.She sees him again in three weeks so C is going with her.Let's hope someone can convince her he didn't mean it and as long as she looks after her diabetes she will live a long life.Once these ideas are planted in your mind it is hard to get rid of them.

We are off on our travels again on Sunday.We are having a week in Croatia staying just outside Dubrovnik.I just wish I wasn't so worried about Sarah.Before that I have the dreaded mammogram coming up on Friday.

Also I think I got caught speeding yesterday.I was only doing 31 or 32 mph but Flintshire has zero tolerance!I am waiting for post to arrive.


  1. Oh dear ... you sound worried. My husband has been 'done' twice in Flintshire, but has opted to take the driving course to avoid points. I hope things settle down for your daughter ... that wasn't a very wise thing for a doctor to say, was it!
    Hope you have a lovely holiday, despite it all!

  2. That is a very lovely blanket and I am glad the crochet together worked so well. How much bigger will it get this addiction???

    I hope your husband can sort this thing out with the consultant - sometimes it needs someone else to put their foot down and get the right help, am so sad your daughter is going through this and I wish there was something to make it right for her other than slapping the stupid chap in the first place. Good luck at the hospital on Friday!

    I thought I might have been zapped for speeding but nothing came in the post so think I was ok - fingers crossed for the same with you.

    Looking forward to hearing about your travels, Sx

  3. What a very irresponsible thing for the consultant to say! It's one thing saying life might be shorter than expected but to give an actual number is cruel and thoughtless. How do these people get their jobs of power like this. I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope she can rise above this stupid man's words and to prove him wrong!
    Your crochet squares are lovely, I'm going to get back to making some more of these just as soon as I've got patchworking out of my system. Hang the housework - it'll keep!xx