Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ruthin Craft Centre.

Yesterday we decided to visit Ruthin craft Centre.It is only 10 miles away,a lovely run with breathtaking views into the Vale of Clwyd.
The picture on the cover is a tapestry done by JillyEdwards

Another woven piece.
Jilly Edwards is one of the UK's leading tapestry weavers.She is renowned for her use of colour and tje way her pieces look like paintings.The whole exhibition was stunning.

There also works by ceramicists.This one by Anna Lambert.

A third exhibition was by Eleri Mills.I didn't take to her work really.Not my kind of thing.

The craft centre is quite small but they have had lots of schools visiting and there was fourth exhibition of work that had inspired the schoolchildren.

This was my ice cream-coffee- from our visit to Parkgate on the Wirral this afternoon.You have to have an ice cream(or fish and chips) if you visit Parkgate.Everyone is eating one or the other!!

We are trying to keep busy until C's op but straying far from home just in case there are complications.We feel a bit in limbo as this next hospital visit is hanging over us.

I have abandoned my Ifigenia shawl until I can clear my head and concentrate.


  1. I should have said "not" straying far from home!

  2. I love seeing places that i know well on other blogs. At Parkgate, we like ice cream in the summer, and fish and chips in the winter.... it's great huddling into that little 'chippie' on a dark cold night! Still hoping everything goes well for you all ... no wonder you can't concentrate on your knitting.

  3. Ice-cream AND fish and chips sound good to me!!! :-)Ros

  4. thank you....well spotted. anglesey abbey it is sans the prince....isnt it magical. just enjoyed a half hour with your blog and a cuppa....nice to meet you.

  5. The Ruthin crafts centre has a bit of a special place in my imagination, it's somewhere I've always wanted to visit, so I really enjoyed the little tour you've given us, thank you so much. Vanessa xxx