Thursday, 21 July 2011

Catch up time.

We had a brilliant holiday in Croatia.We were staying in a hotel just a 10 minute bus ride from Dubrovnik old town.The flights were on time,the hotel was great and we loved the place itself.
This is the view of Dubrovnik seen when you go up in the cable car.

It is not big but has lots of streets like this.

A cool place to shelter from the sun and listen to some music.

This is taken from the coach window on our way back to the airport.We actually visited this island.It has an interesting botanical garden.

I have lots more photographs but no time.We came back on Sunday and landed at Manchester airport in torrential rain.
We were on a high .We had had a brilliant holiday but then in the early hours of Wednesday morning C woke up and found he coudn't pass urine.He was in agony so it was straight to A&E.We were there 2 hours before they catheterised him to relieve the pain and then 3 hours until they could find him a bed and there he has been since.He is on different medications for 48 hours and then they will see if the problem has been solved.If not,it is probably surgery.I went back to visit last night and this afternoon.Our daughter has gone tonight and I will do both tomorrow.By the time I get back from afternoon visiting I only have an hour here and then it is time to go back.

So our wonderful holiday seems a lifetime ago.


  1. So glad you had a wonderful holiday - from your photos it looks a beautiful place - but I'm so sorry to read the news about what happened on your return, thank goodness it didn't happen whilst you were away, I do hope all will be well.
    to answer the question you asked on my last post - no, we don't rent a cottage. Our lovely neighbours have a holiday home in the Aberdunaunt Country Park and they let us stay there each year as a thankyou for looking after their cat whilst they are there themselves.

  2. Wow Croatia looks amazing - nothing like the war torn mess we have seen in the news over the years. So glad you had a good time but so sad to hear you husband is not well. Love and hugs to you both. Hospital visiting is hard work when you are to and froing - remember to take care of you as well! Sxx

  3. So glad you had a good holiday - it looks beautiful - but what a shock on your return.

    I do hope hubby gets better very soon. Take care of yourself too.

    Sending virtual hugs your way.


  4. Hi Barbara, I'm sorry to hear you had to come crashing down to earth after your lovely holiday. I hope C feels better quickly and that your memories of your break can help you both through this. Sending good wishes your way.xx

  5. So sorry to hear about your husband's illness - I hope by now that he is recovering, love and hugs to you both.

    Sounds like a wonderful holiday - and some very interesting pictures.

  6. Bad news that C needed hospital after your return. Happened to quite a few of my friends at the end of holidays too.

    I've vague memories of Dubrovnik as we went to Yugoslavia on a bit of a road trip when I was 12. Remember it being a stunning country.

    Hope all is well in your world again soon.