Wednesday, 3 August 2011

40 minutes and we are here..

in Llandudno.This the West Shore .School holidays and it would be impossible to park on the other main shore and promenade.Just look at this beautiful,deserted beach with wonderful views.There is a promenade to walk along with benches,a children's play area,a lake with swans(and ugh seagulls) and very little else.There is a grassed area between the prom and the road for ball games and picnics.They were setting up a small putting course and there were buckets and spades for sale but nothing else.No great temptations for children.And there are clean toilets.We had lunch in the only pub/hotel on this side and then went to Conway.

This is Conway Castle from the car.

We parked and went down by the harbour.It was quite busy with lots of people taking boat trips either up the river to get views of Snowdonia or out to sea to see the coast.

What are all the people on the left of the photo doing?They are catching crabs!You could buy a bucket,a line and some bait all for £3.

We are so lucky to have all this so close to home.We were back home by 3.30pm full of sea air and a lovely lunch.


  1. Sounds wonderful! I like that other beach at Llandudno it is always quieter there than on the main promenade. Conwy, as always, looks wonderful but very busy - glad you had a good day out:)

  2. I spent my childhood holidays in Llandudno ... we went to the West Shore a lot. Now I realise that it didn't cost anything to go there, because there was nowhere to spend any money.
    I loved the statue of the White Rabbit .... I think it's still there. It was always windy there though, I remember digging sandcastles in my anorak!!!!

  3. What a lovely day out. I haven't been to Llandudno in ages although someone tells me there is a wool shop somewhere in the town? I didn't know you could crab over there, it is very popular here in Norfolk and we have spent many happy hours dangling a line into water.

    Don't be put off Ifigenia once you get into the pattern it is ok just requires patience and concentration. Plus I am not that far away if you need help. Sx

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. The new cats are certainly keeping us busy! It's lovely to see their little personalities developing.

  5. Looks as though you had a wonderful day out! It makes the trip so much nicer with clean toilets doesn't it?xx

  6. Oh , I've been there ! My cousin who lives near Prestatyn took us. Lovely buildings and beautiful esplanade as I remember.